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📖 Tutorial: Build a RESTful API on Go

Fiber, PostgreSQL, JWT and Swagger docs in isolated Docker containers.

👉 The full article is published on March 22, 2021, on Dev.to: https://dev.to/koddr/build-a-restful-api-on-go-fiber-postgresql-jwt-and-swagger-docs-in-isolated-docker-containers-475j


Quick start

  1. Rename .env.example to .env and fill it with your environment values.
  2. Install Docker and migrate tool for applying migrations.
  3. Run project by this command:
make docker.run

# Process:
#   - Generate API docs by Swagger
#   - Create a new Docker network for containers
#   - Build and run Docker containers (Fiber, PostgreSQL)
#   - Apply database migrations (using github.com/golang-migrate/migrate)
  1. Go to your API Docs page:



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