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func NewTranslator

func NewTranslator(subscriptionKey string) translator.Translator

NewTranslator returns a struct that implements the Translator interface by exposing a Translate and a Languages function that are backed by Microsoft's translation API. The function takes the subscriptionKey for a registered Text Translation Service. Details on how to get such a key:


type LanguageCatalog

type LanguageCatalog interface {
	Languages() ([]translator.Language, error)

The LanguageCatalog provides a slice of languages representing all languages supported by Microsoft's Translation API.

type LanguageProvider

type LanguageProvider interface {
	Codes() ([]string, error)
	Names(codes []string) ([]string, error)

The LanguageProvider retrieves the names and codes of all languages supported by Microsoft's Translation API.

type Router

type Router interface {
	AuthURL() string
	TranslationURL() string
	DetectURL() string
	LanguageNamesURL() string
	LanguageCodesURL() string

The Router provides necessary URLs to communicate with Microsoft's API.

type TranslationProvider

type TranslationProvider interface {
	Translate(text, from, to string) (string, error)
	Detect(text string) (string, error)

The TranslationProvider communicates with Microsoft's API to provide a translation for a given text.


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