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type CacheStores

type CacheStores struct {
	IngressV1beta1 cache.Store
	IngressV1      cache.Store
	TCPIngress     cache.Store
	UDPIngress     cache.Store

	Service  cache.Store
	Secret   cache.Store
	Endpoint cache.Store

	Plugin        cache.Store
	ClusterPlugin cache.Store
	Consumer      cache.Store
	KongIngress   cache.Store

	KnativeIngress cache.Store

CacheStores stores cache.Store for all Kinds of k8s objects that the Ingress Controller reads.

func NewCacheStores added in v1.3.2

func NewCacheStores() (c CacheStores)

NewCacheStores is a convenience function for CacheStores to initialize all attributes with new cache stores

func NewCacheStoresFromObjYAML added in v1.3.2

func NewCacheStoresFromObjYAML(objs ...[]byte) (c CacheStores, err error)

NewCacheStoresFromObjYAML provides a new CacheStores object given any number of byte arrays containing YAML Kubernetes objects. An error is returned if any provided YAML was not a valid Kubernetes object.

func NewCacheStoresFromObjs added in v1.3.2

func NewCacheStoresFromObjs(objs ...runtime.Object) (CacheStores, error)

NewCacheStoresFromObjs provides a new CacheStores object given any number of Kubernetes objects that should be pre-populated. This function will sort objects into the appropriate sub-storage (e.g. IngressV1, TCPIngress, e.t.c.) but will produce an error if any of the input objects are erroneous or otherwise unusable as Kubernetes objects.

func (CacheStores) Add added in v1.3.2

func (c CacheStores) Add(obj runtime.Object) error

Add stores a provided runtime.Object into the CacheStore if it's of a supported type. The CacheStore must be initialized (see NewCacheStores()) or this will panic.

func (CacheStores) Delete added in v1.3.2

func (c CacheStores) Delete(obj runtime.Object) error

Delete removes a provided runtime.Object from the CacheStore if it's of a supported type. The CacheStore must be initialized (see NewCacheStores()) or this will panic.

type ErrNotFound

type ErrNotFound struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ErrNotFound error is returned when a lookup results in no resource. This type is meant to be used for error handling using `errors.As()`.

func (ErrNotFound) Error

func (e ErrNotFound) Error() string

type FakeObjects

type FakeObjects struct {
	IngressesV1beta1   []*networkingv1beta1.Ingress
	IngressesV1        []*networkingv1.Ingress
	TCPIngresses       []*configurationv1beta1.TCPIngress
	UDPIngresses       []*v1alpha1.UDPIngress
	Services           []*apiv1.Service
	Endpoints          []*apiv1.Endpoints
	Secrets            []*apiv1.Secret
	KongPlugins        []*configurationv1.KongPlugin
	KongClusterPlugins []*configurationv1.KongClusterPlugin
	KongIngresses      []*configurationv1.KongIngress
	KongConsumers      []*configurationv1.KongConsumer

	KnativeIngresses []*knative.Ingress

FakeObjects can be used to populate a fake Store.

type Store

type Store struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Store implements Storer and can be used to list Ingress, Services and other resources from k8s APIserver. The backing stores should be synced and updated by the caller. It is ingressClass filter aware.

func (Store) GetEndpointsForService

func (s Store) GetEndpointsForService(namespace, name string) (*corev1.Endpoints, error)

GetEndpointsForService returns the internal endpoints for service 'namespace/name' inside k8s.

func (Store) GetKongClusterPlugin

func (s Store) GetKongClusterPlugin(name string) (*kongv1.KongClusterPlugin, error)

GetKongClusterPlugin returns the 'name' KongClusterPlugin resource.

func (Store) GetKongConsumer

func (s Store) GetKongConsumer(namespace, name string) (*kongv1.KongConsumer, error)

GetKongConsumer returns the 'name' KongConsumer resource in namespace.

func (Store) GetKongIngress

func (s Store) GetKongIngress(namespace, name string) (*kongv1.KongIngress, error)

GetKongIngress returns the 'name' KongIngress resource in namespace.

func (Store) GetKongPlugin

func (s Store) GetKongPlugin(namespace, name string) (*kongv1.KongPlugin, error)

GetKongPlugin returns the 'name' KongPlugin resource in namespace.

func (Store) GetSecret

func (s Store) GetSecret(namespace, name string) (*corev1.Secret, error)

GetSecret returns a Secret using the namespace and name as key

func (Store) GetService

func (s Store) GetService(namespace, name string) (*corev1.Service, error)

GetService returns a Service using the namespace and name as key

func (Store) ListCACerts

func (s Store) ListCACerts() ([]*corev1.Secret, error)

ListCACerts returns all Secrets containing the label ""="true".

func (Store) ListGlobalKongClusterPlugins

func (s Store) ListGlobalKongClusterPlugins() ([]*kongv1.KongClusterPlugin, error)

ListGlobalKongClusterPlugins returns all KongClusterPlugin resources filtered by the ingress.class annotation and with the label global:"true".

func (Store) ListGlobalKongPlugins

func (s Store) ListGlobalKongPlugins() ([]*kongv1.KongPlugin, error)

ListGlobalKongPlugins returns all KongPlugin resources filtered by the ingress.class annotation and with the label global:"true". Support for these global namespaced KongPlugins was removed in 0.10.0 This function remains only to provide warnings to users with old configuration

func (Store) ListIngressesV1

func (s Store) ListIngressesV1() []*networkingv1.Ingress

ListIngressesV1 returns the list of Ingresses in the Ingress v1 store.

func (Store) ListIngressesV1beta1

func (s Store) ListIngressesV1beta1() []*networkingv1beta1.Ingress

ListIngressesV1beta1 returns the list of Ingresses in the Ingress v1beta1 store.

func (Store) ListKnativeIngresses

func (s Store) ListKnativeIngresses() ([]*knative.Ingress, error)

ListKnativeIngresses returns the list of TCP Ingresses from group.

func (Store) ListKongConsumers

func (s Store) ListKongConsumers() []*kongv1.KongConsumer

ListKongConsumers returns all KongConsumers filtered by the ingress.class annotation.

func (Store) ListTCPIngresses

func (s Store) ListTCPIngresses() ([]*kongv1beta1.TCPIngress, error)

ListTCPIngresses returns the list of TCP Ingresses from group.

func (Store) ListUDPIngresses

func (s Store) ListUDPIngresses() ([]*v1alpha1.UDPIngress, error)

ListUDPIngresses returns the list of UDP Ingresses

type Storer

type Storer interface {
	GetSecret(namespace, name string) (*corev1.Secret, error)
	GetService(namespace, name string) (*corev1.Service, error)
	GetEndpointsForService(namespace, name string) (*corev1.Endpoints, error)
	GetKongIngress(namespace, name string) (*kongv1.KongIngress, error)
	GetKongPlugin(namespace, name string) (*kongv1.KongPlugin, error)
	GetKongClusterPlugin(name string) (*kongv1.KongClusterPlugin, error)
	GetKongConsumer(namespace, name string) (*kongv1.KongConsumer, error)

	ListIngressesV1beta1() []*networkingv1beta1.Ingress
	ListIngressesV1() []*networkingv1.Ingress
	ListTCPIngresses() ([]*kongv1beta1.TCPIngress, error)
	ListUDPIngresses() ([]*kongv1alpha1.UDPIngress, error)
	ListKnativeIngresses() ([]*knative.Ingress, error)
	ListGlobalKongPlugins() ([]*kongv1.KongPlugin, error)
	ListGlobalKongClusterPlugins() ([]*kongv1.KongClusterPlugin, error)
	ListKongConsumers() []*kongv1.KongConsumer
	ListCACerts() ([]*corev1.Secret, error)

Storer is the interface that wraps the required methods to gather information about ingresses, services, secrets and ingress annotations.

func New

func New(cs CacheStores, ingressClass string, processClasslessIngressV1Beta1 bool, processClasslessIngressV1 bool,
	processClasslessKongConsumer bool, logger logrus.FieldLogger) Storer

New creates a new object store to be used in the ingress controller

func NewFakeStore

func NewFakeStore(
	objects FakeObjects) (Storer, error)

NewFakeStore creates a store backed by the objects passed in as arguments.

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