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func BuildOutOfClusterConfig

func BuildOutOfClusterConfig() (*rest.Config, error)

BuildOutOfClusterConfig returns k8s config

func CreateIngress

func CreateIngress(client kubernetes.Interface, ingressName, funcName, hostname, ns string) error

CreateIngress creates ingress rule for a specific function

func CreateK8sCustomResource

func CreateK8sCustomResource(tprClient rest.Interface, f *spec.Function) error

CreateK8sCustomResource will create a custom function object

func DeleteIngress

func DeleteIngress(client kubernetes.Interface, name, ns string) error

DeleteIngress deletes an ingress rule

func DeleteK8sCustomResource

func DeleteK8sCustomResource(tprClient *rest.RESTClient, funcName, ns string) error

DeleteK8sCustomResource will delete custom function object

func DeleteK8sResources

func DeleteK8sResources(ns, name string, client kubernetes.Interface) error

DeleteK8sResources removes k8s objects of the function

func EnsureK8sResources

func EnsureK8sResources(ns, name string, funcObj *spec.Function, client kubernetes.Interface) error

EnsureK8sResources creates/updates k8s objects (deploy, svc, configmap) for the function

func GetClient

func GetClient() kubernetes.Interface

GetClient returns a k8s clientset to the request from inside of cluster

func GetClientOutOfCluster

func GetClientOutOfCluster() kubernetes.Interface

GetClientOutOfCluster returns a k8s clientset to the request from outside of cluster

func GetFunction

func GetFunction(funcName, ns string) (spec.Function, error)

GetFunction returns specification of a function

func GetFunctionData

func GetFunctionData(runtime, ftype, modName string) (imageName, depName, fileName string, err error)

GetFunctionData given a runtime returns an Image ID, the dependencies filename and the function filename

func GetLocalHostname

func GetLocalHostname(config *rest.Config, funcName string) (string, error)

GetLocalHostname returns hostname

func GetPodsByLabel

func GetPodsByLabel(c kubernetes.Interface, ns, k, v string) (*v1.PodList, error)

GetPodsByLabel returns list of pods which match the label We use this to returns pods to which the function is deployed or pods running controllers

func GetReadyPod

func GetReadyPod(pods *v1.PodList) (v1.Pod, error)

GetReadyPod returns the first pod has passed the liveness probe check

func GetRestClient

func GetRestClient() (*rest.RESTClient, error)

GetRestClient returns a k8s restclient to the request from inside of cluster

func GetTPRClient

func GetTPRClient() (*rest.RESTClient, error)

GetTPRClient returns tpr client to the request from inside of cluster

func GetTPRClientOutOfCluster

func GetTPRClientOutOfCluster() (*rest.RESTClient, error)

GetTPRClientOutOfCluster returns tpr client to the request from outside of cluster

func UpdateK8sCustomResource

func UpdateK8sCustomResource(f *spec.Function) error

UpdateK8sCustomResource applies changes to the function custom object


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