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func GetBuildContainer

func GetBuildContainer(runtime string, env []v1.EnvVar, installVolume v1.VolumeMount) (v1.Container, error)

GetBuildContainer returns a Container definition based on a runtime

func GetFunctionImage

func GetFunctionImage(runtime, ftype string) (string, error)

GetFunctionImage returns the image ID depending on the runtime, its version and function type

func GetRuntimes

func GetRuntimes() []string

GetRuntimes returns the list of available runtimes as strings

func IsValidRuntime added in v0.3.0

func IsValidRuntime(runtime string) bool

IsValidRuntime returns true if passed runtime name is valid runtime

func UpdateDeployment

func UpdateDeployment(dpm *v1beta1.Deployment, depsPath, runtime string)

UpdateDeployment object in case of custom runtime


type RuntimeInfo

type RuntimeInfo struct {
	ID string

	DepName        string
	FileNameSuffix string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RuntimeInfo describe the runtime specifics (typical file suffix and dependency file name) and the supported versions

func GetRuntimeInfo

func GetRuntimeInfo(runtime string) (RuntimeInfo, error)

GetRuntimeInfo returns all the info regarding a runtime

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