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func Add

Add creates a new Operator Controller and adds it to the Manager. The Manager will set fields on the Controller and Start it when the Manager is Started.


type Kind

type Kind struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Kind is used to provide a source of events originating inside the cluster from Watches (e.g. Pod Create)

func (*Kind) InjectCache

func (ks *Kind) InjectCache(c cache.Cache) error

InjectCache is internal should be called only by the Controller. InjectCache is used to inject the Cache dependency initialized by the ControllerManager.

func (*Kind) Start

func (ks *Kind) Start(handler handler.EventHandler, queue workqueue.RateLimitingInterface,
	prct ...predicate.Predicate) error

Start is internal and should be called only by the Controller to register an EventHandler with the Informer to enqueue reconcile.Requests.

func (*Kind) String

func (ks *Kind) String() string

type ReconcileOperator

type ReconcileOperator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReconcileOperator reconciles a Operator object

func (*ReconcileOperator) Reconcile

func (r *ReconcileOperator) Reconcile(request reconcile.Request) (reconcile.Result, error)

Reconcile reads that state of the cluster for a Operator object and makes changes based on the state read and what is in the Operator.Spec TODO(user): Modify this Reconcile function to implement your Controller logic. This example creates a Pod as an example Note: The Controller will requeue the Request to be processed again if the returned error is non-nil or Result.Requeue is true, otherwise upon completion it will remove the work from the queue.

type Resource

type Resource struct {


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