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func AddFinalizer

func AddFinalizer(obj metav1.Object, finalizers ...string)

AddFinalizer will add the given finalizer to the object. It uses a StringSet to avoid duplicates

func GenerateToken

func GenerateToken() string

GenerateToken generates a new, random token that can be used as an admin and kubelet token.

func HasAnyFinalizer

func HasAnyFinalizer(o metav1.Object, names ...string) bool

func HasFinalizer

func HasFinalizer(o metav1.Object, names ...string) bool

HasFinalizer tells if a object has all the given finalizers

func HasOnlyFinalizer

func HasOnlyFinalizer(o metav1.Object, name string) bool

HasOnlyFinalizer tells if an object has only the given finalizer

func RemoveFinalizer

func RemoveFinalizer(obj metav1.Object, toRemove string)

RemoveFinalizer removes the given finalizer from the object

func ValidateKubernetesToken

func ValidateKubernetesToken(token string) error

ValidateKubernetesToken checks if a given token is syntactically correct.

func ValidateSecretKeySelector

func ValidateSecretKeySelector(selector *providerconfig.GlobalSecretKeySelector, key string) error


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