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const (
	Namespace = "kubernetes-dashboard"
	AppName   = "kubernetes-dashboard"


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func ClusterRoleBindingCreator

func ClusterRoleBindingCreator() reconciling.NamedClusterRoleBindingCreatorGetter

ClusterRoleBindingCreator returns the ClusterRoleBinding required by the dashboard metrics scraper to read all required resources from the metrics server.

func ClusterRoleCreator

func ClusterRoleCreator() reconciling.NamedClusterRoleCreatorGetter

ClusterRoleCreator returns a cluster role for the Dashboard Metrics Scraper

func CsrfTokenSecretCreator

func CsrfTokenSecretCreator() reconciling.NamedSecretCreatorGetter

CsrfTokenSecretCreator creates the csrf token secret for the Kubernetes Dashboard

func DeploymentCreator

func DeploymentCreator() reconciling.NamedDeploymentCreatorGetter

DeploymentCreator returns the function to create and update the dashboard-metrics-scraper deployment

func KeyHolderSecretCreator

func KeyHolderSecretCreator() reconciling.NamedSecretCreatorGetter

KeyHolderSecretCreator creates key holder secret for the Kubernetes Dashboard

func NamespaceCreator

func NamespaceCreator() (string, reconciling.NamespaceCreator)

NamespaceCreator creates the namespace for the Kubernetes Dashboard

func RoleBindingCreator

func RoleBindingCreator() reconciling.NamedRoleBindingCreatorGetter

RoleBindingCreator creates the role binding for the Kubernetes Dashboard

func RoleCreator

func RoleCreator() reconciling.NamedRoleCreatorGetter

RoleCreator creates the role for the Kubernetes Dashboard

func ServiceAccountCreator

func ServiceAccountCreator() reconciling.NamedServiceAccountCreatorGetter

ServiceAccountCreator creates the service account for the dashboard-metrics-scraper

func ServiceCreator

func ServiceCreator() reconciling.NamedServiceCreatorGetter

ServiceCreator creates the service for the dashboard-metrics-scraper


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