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type Cache

type Cache interface {
	// Cache implements the client CacheReader

	// Cache implements InformersMap

Cache implements CacheReader by reading objects from a cache populated by InformersMap

func New

func New(config *rest.Config, opts Options) (Cache, error)

New initializes and returns a new Cache

type Informers

type Informers interface {
	// GetInformer fetches or constructs an informer for the given object that corresponds to a single
	// API kind and resource.
	GetInformer(obj runtime.Object) (toolscache.SharedIndexInformer, error)

	// GetInformerForKind is similar to GetInformer, except that it takes a group-version-kind, instead
	// of the underlying object.
	GetInformerForKind(gvk schema.GroupVersionKind) (toolscache.SharedIndexInformer, error)

	// Start runs all the informers known to this cache until the given channel is closed.
	// It blocks.
	Start(stopCh <-chan struct{}) error

	// WaitForCacheSync waits for all the caches to sync.  Returns false if it could not sync a cache.
	WaitForCacheSync(stop <-chan struct{}) bool

	// IndexField adds an index with the given field name on the given object type
	// by using the given function to extract the value for that field.  If you want
	// compatibility with the Kubernetes API server, only return one key, and only use
	// fields that the API server supports.  Otherwise, you can return multiple keys,
	// and "equality" in the field selector means that at least one key matches the value.
	IndexField(obj runtime.Object, field string, extractValue client.IndexerFunc) error

Informers knows how to create or fetch informers for different group-version-kinds. It's safe to call GetInformer from multiple threads.

type Options

type Options struct {
	// Scheme is the scheme to use for mapping objects to GroupVersionKinds
	Scheme *runtime.Scheme

	// Mapper is the RESTMapper to use for mapping GroupVersionKinds to Resources
	Mapper meta.RESTMapper

	// Resync is the resync period. Defaults to defaultResyncTime.
	Resync *time.Duration

	// Namespace restricts the cache's ListWatch to the desired namespace
	// Default watches all namespaces
	Namespace string

Options are the optional arguments for creating a new InformersMap object


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