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type Logs

type Logs struct {
	// Pod name.
	PodId string `json:"podId"`

	// Specific time when logs started.
	SinceTime unversioned.Time `json:"sinceTime"`

	// Logs string lines.
	Logs []string `json:"logs"`

	// The name of the container the logs are for.
	Container string `json:"container"`

Logs is a representation of logs response structure.

func ConstructLogs

func ConstructLogs(podID string, sinceTime unversioned.Time, rawLogs string, container string) *Logs

ConstructLogs constructs logs structure for given parameters.

func GetPodLogs

func GetPodLogs(client *client.Client, namespace, podID string, container string) (*Logs, error)

GetPodLogs returns logs for particular pod and container or error when occurred. When container is null, logs for the first one are returned.

type PodContainerList

type PodContainerList struct {
	Containers []string `json:"containers"`

PodContainerList is a list of containers of a pod.

func GetPodContainers

func GetPodContainers(client *client.Client, namespace, podID string) (*PodContainerList, error)

GetPodContainers returns containers that a pod has.

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