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type Integration

type Integration interface {
	// HealthCheck is required in order to check state of integration application. We have to
	// be able to connect to it in order to enable it for users. Returns nil if connection
	// can be established, error otherwise.
	HealthCheck() error
	// ID returns unique id of integration application.
	ID() IntegrationID

Integration represents application integrated into the dashboard. Every application has to provide health check and id. Additionally every client supported by integration manager has to implement this interface

type IntegrationID

type IntegrationID string

IntegrationID is a unique identification string that every integrated app has to provide. All ids are kept in this file to minimize the risk of creating conflicts. TODO: if necessary some kind of ID tracker should be added

const (
	HeapsterIntegrationID IntegrationID = "heapster"

Integration app IDs should be registered in this block.

type IntegrationState

type IntegrationState struct {
	Connected   bool    `json:"connected"`
	LastChecked v1.Time `json:"lastChecked"`
	Error       error   `json:"error"`

IntegrationState represents integration application state. Provides information about health (if dashboard can connect to it) of the integrated application. TODO(floreks): Remove once storage sync is implemented ----------------IMPORTANT---------------- Until external storage sync is implemented information about state of integration is refreshed on every request to ensure that every dashboard replica always returns up-to-date data. It does not make dashboard stateful in any way. ----------------IMPORTANT---------------- TODO(floreks): Support more information like 'installed' and 'enabled'.

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