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type RbacRole

type RbacRole struct {
	ObjectMeta api.ObjectMeta `json:"objectMeta"`
	TypeMeta   api.TypeMeta   `json:"typeMeta"`

RbacRole provides the simplified, combined presentation layer view of Kubernetes' RBAC Roles and ClusterRoles. ClusterRoles will be referred to as Roles for the namespace "all namespaces".

type RbacRoleList

type RbacRoleList struct {
	ListMeta api.ListMeta `json:"listMeta"`

	// Unordered list of RbacRoles
	Items []RbacRole `json:"items"`

	// List of non-critical errors, that occurred during resource retrieval.
	Errors []error `json:"errors"`

RbacRoleList contains a list of Roles and ClusterRoles in the cluster.

func GetRbacRoleList

func GetRbacRoleList(client kubernetes.Interface, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery) (*RbacRoleList, error)

GetRbacRoleList returns a list of all RBAC Roles in the cluster.

func GetRbacRoleListFromChannels

func GetRbacRoleListFromChannels(channels *common.ResourceChannels, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery) (*RbacRoleList, error)

GetRbacRoleListFromChannels returns a list of all RBAC roles in the cluster reading required resource list once from the channels.

type RoleCell

type RoleCell RbacRole

func (RoleCell) GetProperty

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