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type ActionHandlerFunction

type ActionHandlerFunction func(runtime.Object)

ActionHandlerFunction is a callback function that can be registered on a watch event.

type Poller added in v1.8.0

type Poller interface {
	// Poll polls specific resource every 'interval' time. Watch interface is returned in order to use it
	// in the same way as regular watch on resource.
	Poll(interval time.Duration) watch.Interface

Poller interface is responsible for periodically polling specific resource.

type Synchronizer

type Synchronizer interface {
	// Name returns unique name of created synchronizer.
	Name() string
	// Start synchronizer in a separate goroutine. Should not block thread that calls it.
	// Error returns error channel. Any error that happens during running synchronizer will be send to this channel.
	Error() chan error
	// Create given runtime object matching synchronized object details (specially type, name, namespace).
	Create(runtime.Object) error
	// Returns local copy of synchronized object or nil in case object has not yet been created or running goroutine
	// did not yet synced it from server.
	Get() runtime.Object
	// Update synchronized object with given object.
	Update(runtime.Object) error
	// Delete synchronized object.
	Delete() error
	// Force synchronous refresh of local object with object got from kubernetes.
	// RegisterActionHandler registers callback functions on given event types. They are automatically called by
	// watcher.
	RegisterActionHandler(ActionHandlerFunction, ...watch.EventType)
	// SetPoller allows to set custom poller to synchronize objects.
	SetPoller(poller Poller)

Synchronizer is used to watch over a kubernetes resource changes in real time. It can be used to i.e. synchronize encryption key data between multiple dashboard replicas.

type SynchronizerManager

type SynchronizerManager interface {
	// Secret created single secret synchronizer based on name and namespace information.
	Secret(namespace, name string) Synchronizer

SynchronizerManager interface is responsible for creating specific synchronizers.

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