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func GetReplicationControllerEvents

func GetReplicationControllerEvents(client client.Interface, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery,
	namespace, replicationControllerName string) (*common.EventList, error)

GetReplicationControllerEvents returns events for particular namespace and replication controller or error if occurred.

func GetReplicationControllerPods

func GetReplicationControllerPods(client k8sClient.Interface, heapsterClient client.HeapsterClient,
	dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, rcName, namespace string) (*pod.PodList, error)

GetReplicationControllerPods return list of pods targeting replication controller associated to given name.

func GetReplicationControllerServices added in v1.1.1

func GetReplicationControllerServices(client client.Interface, dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery,
	namespace, rcName string) (*service.ServiceList, error)

GetReplicationControllerServices returns list of services that are related to replication controller targeted by given name.

func UpdateReplicasCount

func UpdateReplicasCount(client k8sClient.Interface, namespace, name string,
	replicationControllerSpec *ReplicationControllerSpec) error

UpdateReplicasCount updates number of replicas in Replication Controller based on Replication Controller Spec


type ReplicationController

type ReplicationController struct {
	ObjectMeta common.ObjectMeta `json:"objectMeta"`
	TypeMeta   common.TypeMeta   `json:"typeMeta"`

	// Aggregate information about pods belonging to this Replication Controller.
	Pods common.PodInfo `json:"pods"`

	// Container images of the Replication Controller.
	ContainerImages []string `json:"containerImages"`

ReplicationController (aka. Replication Controller) plus zero or more Kubernetes services that target the Replication Controller.

func ToReplicationController added in v1.1.1

func ToReplicationController(replicationController *api.ReplicationController,
	podInfo *common.PodInfo) ReplicationController

ToReplicationController converts replication controller api object to replication controller model object.

type ReplicationControllerCell added in v1.4.0

type ReplicationControllerCell api.ReplicationController

func (ReplicationControllerCell) GetProperty added in v1.4.0

func (ReplicationControllerCell) GetResourceSelector added in v1.4.0

func (self ReplicationControllerCell) GetResourceSelector() *metric.ResourceSelector

type ReplicationControllerDetail

type ReplicationControllerDetail struct {
	ObjectMeta common.ObjectMeta `json:"objectMeta"`
	TypeMeta   common.TypeMeta   `json:"typeMeta"`

	// Label selector of the Replication Controller.
	LabelSelector map[string]string `json:"labelSelector"`

	// Container image list of the pod template specified by this Replication Controller.
	ContainerImages []string `json:"containerImages"`

	// Aggregate information about pods of this replication controller.
	PodInfo common.PodInfo `json:"podInfo"`

	// Detailed information about Pods belonging to this Replication Controller.
	PodList pod.PodList `json:"podList"`

	// Detailed information about service related to Replication Controller.
	ServiceList resourceService.ServiceList `json:"serviceList"`

	// List of events related to this Replication Controller.
	EventList common.EventList `json:"eventList"`

	// True when the data contains at least one pod with metrics information, false otherwise.
	HasMetrics bool `json:"hasMetrics"`

ReplicationControllerDetail represents detailed information about a Replication Controller.

func GetReplicationControllerDetail

func GetReplicationControllerDetail(client k8sClient.Interface, heapsterClient client.HeapsterClient,
	namespace, name string) (*ReplicationControllerDetail, error)

GetReplicationControllerDetail returns detailed information about the given replication controller in the given namespace.

func ToReplicationControllerDetail added in v1.1.1

func ToReplicationControllerDetail(replicationController *api.ReplicationController,
	podInfo common.PodInfo, podList pod.PodList, eventList common.EventList,
	serviceList resourceService.ServiceList) ReplicationControllerDetail

ToReplicationControllerDetail converts replication controller api object to replication controller detail model object.

type ReplicationControllerList

type ReplicationControllerList struct {
	ListMeta common.ListMeta `json:"listMeta"`

	// Unordered list of Replication Controllers.
	ReplicationControllers []ReplicationController `json:"replicationControllers"`
	CumulativeMetrics      []metric.Metric         `json:"cumulativeMetrics"`

ReplicationControllerList contains a list of Replication Controllers in the cluster.

func CreateReplicationControllerList added in v1.1.1

func CreateReplicationControllerList(replicationControllers []api.ReplicationController,
	dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, pods []api.Pod, events []api.Event, heapsterClient *heapster.HeapsterClient) *ReplicationControllerList

CreateReplicationControllerList creates paginated list of Replication Controller model objects based on Kubernetes Replication Controller objects array and related resources arrays.

func GetReplicationControllerList

func GetReplicationControllerList(client *client.Client, nsQuery *common.NamespaceQuery,
	dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, heapsterClient *heapster.HeapsterClient) (*ReplicationControllerList, error)

GetReplicationControllerList returns a list of all Replication Controllers in the cluster.

func GetReplicationControllerListFromChannels

func GetReplicationControllerListFromChannels(channels *common.ResourceChannels,
	dsQuery *dataselect.DataSelectQuery, heapsterClient *heapster.HeapsterClient) (*ReplicationControllerList, error)

GetReplicationControllerListFromChannels returns a list of all Replication Controllers in the cluster reading required resource list once from the channels.

type ReplicationControllerSpec

type ReplicationControllerSpec struct {
	// Replicas (pods) number in replicas set
	Replicas int32 `json:"replicas"`

ReplicationControllerSpec contains information needed to update replication controller.

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