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type ActiveTarget

type ActiveTarget struct {
	Labels     TargetLabels `json:"labels"`
	ScrapePool string       `json:"scrapePool"`
	LastError  string       `json:"lastError"`
	Health     string       `json:"health"`

type Alert

type Alert struct {
	Labels AlertLabels `json:"labels"`
	State  string      `json:"state"`

type AlertLabels

type AlertLabels struct {
	AlertName string `json:"alertname"`
	Severity  string `json:"severity"`

type AlertsData

type AlertsData struct {
	Alerts []Alert `json:"alerts"`

type AlertsResponse

type AlertsResponse struct {
	Status    string     `json:"status"`
	Data      AlertsData `json:"data"`
	ErrorType string     `json:"errorType"`
	Error     string     `json:"error"`

To parse JSON response from http://monitoring-prometheus.kyma-system:9090/api/v1/alerts

type Rule

type Rule struct {
	Name   string `json:"name"`
	Health string `json:"health"`

type RulesData

type RulesData struct {
	Groups []RulesGroup `json:"groups"`

type RulesGroup

type RulesGroup struct {
	Rules []Rule `json:"rules"`

type RulesResponse

type RulesResponse struct {
	Status    string    `json:"status"`
	Data      RulesData `json:"data"`
	ErrorType string    `json:"errorType"`
	Error     string    `json:"error"`

To parse JSON response from http://monitoring-prometheus.kyma-system:9090/api/v1/rules

type TargetLabels

type TargetLabels map[string]string

type TargetsData

type TargetsData struct {
	ActiveTargets []ActiveTarget `json:"activeTargets"`

type TargetsResponse

type TargetsResponse struct {
	Status    string      `json:"status"`
	Data      TargetsData `json:"data"`
	ErrorType string      `json:"errorType"`
	Error     string      `json:"error"`

To parse JSON response from http://monitoring-prometheus.kyma-system:9090/api/v1/targets

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