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const (
	// NamespacedNameAnnotation - annotation that will be used to get the primary resource namespaced name.
	NamespacedNameAnnotation = "operator-sdk/primary-resource"
	// TypeAnnotation - annotation that will be used to verify that the primary resource is the primary resource to use.
	TypeAnnotation = "operator-sdk/primary-resource-type"


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type EnqueueRequestForAnnotation

type EnqueueRequestForAnnotation struct {
	Type string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EnqueueRequestForAnnotation enqueues Requests based on the presence of an annotation that contains the namespaced name of the primary resource.

The primary usecase for this, is to have a controller enqueue requests for the following scenarios 1. namespaced primary object and dependent cluster scoped resource 2. cluster scoped primary object. 3. namespaced primary object and dependent namespaced scoped but in a different namespace object.

func (*EnqueueRequestForAnnotation) Create

Create implements EventHandler

func (*EnqueueRequestForAnnotation) Delete

Delete implements EventHandler

func (*EnqueueRequestForAnnotation) Generic

Generic implements EventHandler

func (*EnqueueRequestForAnnotation) Update

Update implements EventHandler

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