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type HelmState

type HelmState struct {
	BaseChartPath      string
	Context            string           `yaml:"context"`
	DeprecatedReleases []ReleaseSpec    `yaml:"charts"`
	Namespace          string           `yaml:"namespace"`
	Repositories       []RepositorySpec `yaml:"repositories"`
	Releases           []ReleaseSpec    `yaml:"releases"`

HelmState structure for the helmfile

func ReadFromFile

func ReadFromFile(file string) (*HelmState, error)

ReadFromFile loads the helmfile from disk and processes the template

func (*HelmState) Clean

func (state *HelmState) Clean() []error

Clean will remove any generated secrets

func (*HelmState) DeleteReleases

func (state *HelmState) DeleteReleases(helm helmexec.Interface, purge bool) []error

DeleteReleases wrapper for executing helm delete on the releases

func (*HelmState) DiffReleases

func (state *HelmState) DiffReleases(helm helmexec.Interface, additionalValues []string, workerLimit int) []error

DiffReleases wrapper for executing helm diff on the releases

func (*HelmState) FilterReleases

func (state *HelmState) FilterReleases(labels []string) error

FilterReleases allows for the execution of helm commands against a subset of the releases in the helmfile.

func (*HelmState) ReleaseStatuses added in v0.14.0

func (state *HelmState) ReleaseStatuses(helm helmexec.Interface, workerLimit int) []error

func (*HelmState) SyncReleases

func (state *HelmState) SyncReleases(helm helmexec.Interface, additionalValues []string, workerLimit int) []error

SyncReleases wrapper for executing helm upgrade on the releases

func (*HelmState) SyncRepos

func (state *HelmState) SyncRepos(helm helmexec.Interface) []error

SyncRepos will update the given helm releases

func (*HelmState) TestReleases added in v0.18.0

func (state *HelmState) TestReleases(helm helmexec.Interface, cleanup bool, timeout int) []error

TestReleases wrapper for executing helm test on the releases

func (*HelmState) UpdateDeps

func (state *HelmState) UpdateDeps(helm helmexec.Interface) []error

UpdateDeps wrapper for updating dependencies on the releases

type LabelFilter

type LabelFilter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LabelFilter matches a release with the given positive lables. Negative labels invert the match for cases such as tier!=backend

func ParseLabels

func ParseLabels(l string) (LabelFilter, error)

ParseLabels takes a label in the form foo=bar,baz!=bat and returns a LabelFilter that will match the labels

func (LabelFilter) Match

func (l LabelFilter) Match(r ReleaseSpec) bool

Match will match a release that has the same labels as the filter

type ReleaseFilter

type ReleaseFilter interface {
	// Match returns true if the ReleaseSpec matches the Filter
	Match(r ReleaseSpec) bool

ReleaseFilter is used to determine if a given release should be used during helmfile execution

type ReleaseSpec

type ReleaseSpec struct {
	// Chart is the name of the chart being installed to create this release
	Chart   string `yaml:"chart"`
	Version string `yaml:"version"`
	Verify  bool   `yaml:"verify"`

	// Name is the name of this release
	Name      string            `yaml:"name"`
	Namespace string            `yaml:"namespace"`
	Labels    map[string]string `yaml:"labels"`
	Values    []interface{}     `yaml:"values"`
	Secrets   []string          `yaml:"secrets"`
	SetValues []SetValue        `yaml:"set"`

	// The 'env' section is not really necessary any longer, as 'set' would now provide the same functionality
	EnvValues []SetValue `yaml:"env"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReleaseSpec defines the structure of a helm release

type RepositorySpec

type RepositorySpec struct {
	Name     string `yaml:"name"`
	URL      string `yaml:"url"`
	CertFile string `yaml:"certFile"`
	KeyFile  string `yaml:"keyFile"`

RepositorySpec that defines values for a helm repo

type SetValue

type SetValue struct {
	Name  string `yaml:"name"`
	Value string `yaml:"value"`

SetValue are the key values to set on a helm release

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