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func GetUsedSpace

func GetUsedSpace(path string) (float32, error)

    GetUsedSpace returns a value between 0 and 1, with 0 being completely empty and 1 being full, for the disk that holds the provided path


    type Sync

    type Sync struct {
    	DbChannelData *shared.YoutubeChannel
    	Manager       *SyncManager
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Sync stores the options that control how syncing happens

      func (*Sync) AppendSyncedVideo

      func (s *Sync) AppendSyncedVideo(videoID string, published bool, failureReason string, claimName string, claimID string, metadataVersion int8, size int64)

      func (*Sync) FullCycle

      func (s *Sync) FullCycle() (e error)

      func (*Sync) GenerateRegtestBlock

      func (s *Sync) GenerateRegtestBlock() error

      func (*Sync) IsInterrupted

      func (s *Sync) IsInterrupted() bool

        IsInterrupted can be queried to discover if the sync process was interrupted manually

        type SyncManager

        type SyncManager struct {
        	CliFlags   shared.SyncFlags
        	ApiConfig  *sdk.APIConfig
        	LbrycrdDsn string
        	AwsConfigs *shared.AwsConfigs
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        func NewSyncManager

        func NewSyncManager(cliFlags shared.SyncFlags, blobsDir, lbrycrdDsn string, awsConfigs *shared.AwsConfigs, apiConfig *sdk.APIConfig) *SyncManager

        func (*SyncManager) Start

        func (s *SyncManager) Start() error