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Package files handles operation on filesystem for both public pool and published files



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type PackagePool

type PackagePool struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PackagePool is deduplicated storage of package files on filesystem

func NewPackagePool

func NewPackagePool(root string) *PackagePool

NewPackagePool creates new instance of PackagePool which specified root

func (*PackagePool) FilepathList

func (pool *PackagePool) FilepathList(progress aptly.Progress) ([]string, error)

FilepathList returns file paths of all the files in the pool

func (*PackagePool) Import

func (pool *PackagePool) Import(path string, hashMD5 string) error

Import copies file into package pool

func (*PackagePool) Path

func (pool *PackagePool) Path(filename string, hashMD5 string) (string, error)

Path returns full path to package file in pool given any name and hash of file contents

func (*PackagePool) RelativePath

func (pool *PackagePool) RelativePath(filename string, hashMD5 string) (string, error)

RelativePath returns path relative to pool's root for package files given MD5 and original filename

func (*PackagePool) Remove

func (pool *PackagePool) Remove(path string) (size int64, err error)

Remove deletes file in package pool returns its size

type PublishedStorage

type PublishedStorage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PublishedStorage abstract file system with public dirs (published repos)

func NewPublishedStorage

func NewPublishedStorage(root string) *PublishedStorage

NewPublishedStorage creates new instance of PublishedStorage which specified root

func (*PublishedStorage) Filelist added in v0.5.1

func (storage *PublishedStorage) Filelist(prefix string) ([]string, error)

Filelist returns list of files under prefix

func (*PublishedStorage) LinkFromPool

func (storage *PublishedStorage) LinkFromPool(publishedDirectory string, sourcePool aptly.PackagePool,
	sourcePath, sourceMD5 string, force bool) error

LinkFromPool links package file from pool to dist's pool location

publishedDirectory is desired location in pool (like prefix/pool/component/liba/libav/) sourcePool is instance of aptly.PackagePool sourcePath is filepath to package file in package pool

LinkFromPool returns relative path for the published file to be included in package index

func (*PublishedStorage) MkDir

func (storage *PublishedStorage) MkDir(path string) error

MkDir creates directory recursively under public path

func (*PublishedStorage) PublicPath

func (storage *PublishedStorage) PublicPath() string

PublicPath returns root of public part

func (*PublishedStorage) PutFile added in v0.7.1

func (storage *PublishedStorage) PutFile(path string, sourceFilename string) error

PutFile puts file into published storage at specified path

func (*PublishedStorage) Remove added in v0.5.1

func (storage *PublishedStorage) Remove(path string) error

Remove removes single file under public path

func (*PublishedStorage) RemoveDirs

func (storage *PublishedStorage) RemoveDirs(path string, progress aptly.Progress) error

RemoveDirs removes directory structure under public path

func (*PublishedStorage) RenameFile added in v0.5.1

func (storage *PublishedStorage) RenameFile(oldName, newName string) error

RenameFile renames (moves) file

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