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Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.

Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.

Code generated by counterfeiter. DO NOT EDIT.



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type IOReadWriter

type IOReadWriter struct {
	ExistsStub func(string) (bool, error)

	MakeDirStub func(string, os.FileMode) error

	ReadDirStub func(string) ([]os.FileInfo, error)

	ReadFileStub func(string) ([]byte, error)

	RemoveStub func(string) error

	WriteFileStub func(string, string, []byte) error
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*IOReadWriter) Exists

func (fake *IOReadWriter) Exists(arg1 string) (bool, error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ExistsArgsForCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ExistsArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*IOReadWriter) ExistsCallCount

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ExistsCallCount() int

func (*IOReadWriter) ExistsCalls

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ExistsCalls(stub func(string) (bool, error))

func (*IOReadWriter) ExistsReturns

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ExistsReturns(result1 bool, result2 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ExistsReturnsOnCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ExistsReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 bool, result2 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) Invocations

func (fake *IOReadWriter) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*IOReadWriter) MakeDir

func (fake *IOReadWriter) MakeDir(arg1 string, arg2 os.FileMode) error

func (*IOReadWriter) MakeDirArgsForCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) MakeDirArgsForCall(i int) (string, os.FileMode)

func (*IOReadWriter) MakeDirCallCount

func (fake *IOReadWriter) MakeDirCallCount() int

func (*IOReadWriter) MakeDirCalls

func (fake *IOReadWriter) MakeDirCalls(stub func(string, os.FileMode) error)

func (*IOReadWriter) MakeDirReturns

func (fake *IOReadWriter) MakeDirReturns(result1 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) MakeDirReturnsOnCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) MakeDirReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadDir

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadDir(arg1 string) ([]os.FileInfo, error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadDirArgsForCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadDirArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadDirCallCount

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadDirCallCount() int

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadDirCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadDirCalls(stub func(string) ([]os.FileInfo, error))

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadDirReturns

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadDirReturns(result1 []os.FileInfo, result2 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadDirReturnsOnCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadDirReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []os.FileInfo, result2 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadFile

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadFile(arg1 string) ([]byte, error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadFileArgsForCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadFileArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadFileCallCount

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadFileCallCount() int

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadFileCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadFileCalls(stub func(string) ([]byte, error))

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadFileReturns

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadFileReturns(result1 []byte, result2 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) ReadFileReturnsOnCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) ReadFileReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 []byte, result2 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) Remove

func (fake *IOReadWriter) Remove(arg1 string) error

func (*IOReadWriter) RemoveArgsForCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) RemoveArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*IOReadWriter) RemoveCallCount

func (fake *IOReadWriter) RemoveCallCount() int

func (*IOReadWriter) RemoveCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *IOReadWriter) RemoveCalls(stub func(string) error)

func (*IOReadWriter) RemoveReturns

func (fake *IOReadWriter) RemoveReturns(result1 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) RemoveReturnsOnCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) RemoveReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) WriteFile

func (fake *IOReadWriter) WriteFile(arg1 string, arg2 string, arg3 []byte) error

func (*IOReadWriter) WriteFileArgsForCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) WriteFileArgsForCall(i int) (string, string, []byte)

func (*IOReadWriter) WriteFileCallCount

func (fake *IOReadWriter) WriteFileCallCount() int

func (*IOReadWriter) WriteFileCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *IOReadWriter) WriteFileCalls(stub func(string, string, []byte) error)

func (*IOReadWriter) WriteFileReturns

func (fake *IOReadWriter) WriteFileReturns(result1 error)

func (*IOReadWriter) WriteFileReturnsOnCall

func (fake *IOReadWriter) WriteFileReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 error)

type LegacyCCPackageLocator

type LegacyCCPackageLocator struct {
	GetChaincodeDepSpecStub func(string) (*peer.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, error)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpec

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpec(arg1 string) (*peer.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, error)

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecArgsForCall

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecArgsForCall(i int) string

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecCallCount

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecCallCount() int

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecCalls

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecCalls(stub func(string) (*peer.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, error))

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecReturns

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecReturns(result1 *peer.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, result2 error)

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecReturnsOnCall

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) GetChaincodeDepSpecReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 *peer.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, result2 error)

func (*LegacyCCPackageLocator) Invocations

func (fake *LegacyCCPackageLocator) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

type MetadataProvider

type MetadataProvider struct {

MetadataProvider is an autogenerated mock type for the MetadataProvider type

func (*MetadataProvider) GetDBArtifacts

func (_m *MetadataProvider) GetDBArtifacts(codePackage []byte) ([]byte, error)

GetDBArtifacts provides a mock function with given fields: codePackage

type OSFileInfo

type OSFileInfo struct {
	IsDirStub func() bool

	ModTimeStub func() time.Time

	ModeStub func() os.FileMode

	NameStub func() string

	SizeStub func() int64

	SysStub func() interface{}
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*OSFileInfo) Invocations

func (fake *OSFileInfo) Invocations() map[string][][]interface{}

func (*OSFileInfo) IsDir

func (fake *OSFileInfo) IsDir() bool

func (*OSFileInfo) IsDirCallCount

func (fake *OSFileInfo) IsDirCallCount() int

func (*OSFileInfo) IsDirCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *OSFileInfo) IsDirCalls(stub func() bool)

func (*OSFileInfo) IsDirReturns

func (fake *OSFileInfo) IsDirReturns(result1 bool)

func (*OSFileInfo) IsDirReturnsOnCall

func (fake *OSFileInfo) IsDirReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 bool)

func (*OSFileInfo) ModTime

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModTime() time.Time

func (*OSFileInfo) ModTimeCallCount

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModTimeCallCount() int

func (*OSFileInfo) ModTimeCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModTimeCalls(stub func() time.Time)

func (*OSFileInfo) ModTimeReturns

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModTimeReturns(result1 time.Time)

func (*OSFileInfo) ModTimeReturnsOnCall

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModTimeReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 time.Time)

func (*OSFileInfo) Mode

func (fake *OSFileInfo) Mode() os.FileMode

func (*OSFileInfo) ModeCallCount

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModeCallCount() int

func (*OSFileInfo) ModeCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModeCalls(stub func() os.FileMode)

func (*OSFileInfo) ModeReturns

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModeReturns(result1 os.FileMode)

func (*OSFileInfo) ModeReturnsOnCall

func (fake *OSFileInfo) ModeReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 os.FileMode)

func (*OSFileInfo) Name

func (fake *OSFileInfo) Name() string

func (*OSFileInfo) NameCallCount

func (fake *OSFileInfo) NameCallCount() int

func (*OSFileInfo) NameCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *OSFileInfo) NameCalls(stub func() string)

func (*OSFileInfo) NameReturns

func (fake *OSFileInfo) NameReturns(result1 string)

func (*OSFileInfo) NameReturnsOnCall

func (fake *OSFileInfo) NameReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 string)

func (*OSFileInfo) Size

func (fake *OSFileInfo) Size() int64

func (*OSFileInfo) SizeCallCount

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SizeCallCount() int

func (*OSFileInfo) SizeCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SizeCalls(stub func() int64)

func (*OSFileInfo) SizeReturns

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SizeReturns(result1 int64)

func (*OSFileInfo) SizeReturnsOnCall

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SizeReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 int64)

func (*OSFileInfo) Sys

func (fake *OSFileInfo) Sys() interface{}

func (*OSFileInfo) SysCallCount

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SysCallCount() int

func (*OSFileInfo) SysCalls added in v1.4.0

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SysCalls(stub func() interface{})

func (*OSFileInfo) SysReturns

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SysReturns(result1 interface{})

func (*OSFileInfo) SysReturnsOnCall

func (fake *OSFileInfo) SysReturnsOnCall(i int, result1 interface{})

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