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func CloneAndAddLabel

func CloneAndAddLabel(labels map[string]string, labelKey string, labelValue uint32) map[string]string

Clones the given map and returns a new map with the given key and value added. Returns the given map, if labelKey is empty.

func GetAvailablePodsForRCs

func GetAvailablePodsForRCs(c client.Interface, rcs []*api.ReplicationController) (int, error)

Returns the number of available pods corresponding to the given RCs.

func GetNewRC

Returns an RC that matches the intent of the given deployment. Returns nil if the new RC doesnt exist yet.

func GetNewRCTemplate

func GetNewRCTemplate(deployment extensions.Deployment) *api.PodTemplateSpec

Returns the desired PodTemplateSpec for the new RC corresponding to the given RC.

func GetOldRCs

func GetOldRCs(deployment extensions.Deployment, c client.Interface) ([]*api.ReplicationController, error)

Returns the old RCs targetted by the given Deployment.

func GetPodTemplateSpecHash

func GetPodTemplateSpecHash(template *api.PodTemplateSpec) uint32

func GetReplicaCountForRCs

func GetReplicaCountForRCs(replicationControllers []*api.ReplicationController) int

Returns the sum of Replicas of the given replication controllers.


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