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func New

func New(config *Config) error

New returns a client verifier


type Config

type Config struct {
	// Authorizer is the name of the verifier to use
	Authorizer string
	// Interval is the pause between failed attempts
	Interval time.Duration
	// KubeAPI is the url for the kubernetes api
	KubeAPI string
	// KubeConfigPath is the location to write the bootstrap token config
	KubeConfigPath string
	// NodeURL is the url for the node authozier service
	NodeURL string
	// Timeout is the time will are willing to wait
	Timeout time.Duration
	// TLSCertPath is the path to the server TLS certificate
	TLSCertPath string
	// TLSClientCAPath is the path to a certificate authority
	TLSClientCAPath string
	// TLSPrivateKeyPath is the path to the private key
	TLSPrivateKeyPath string
	// Verbose indicate verbose logging
	Verbose bool

Config is the configuration for the service

func (*Config) IsValid

func (c *Config) IsValid() error

IsValid validates the client configuration

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