Package testutil provides various methods which we commonly use when writing tests



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    const (
    	// GeoIP2IPv4 contains the only IPv4 in the geoip2 test database
    	// Location: Milton, Washington, US
    	GeoIP2IPv4 = ""
    	// GeoIP2IPv6 contains the only IPv6 in the geoip2 test database
    	// Finland, EU
    	GeoIP2IPv6 = "2a02:d200::1"


    This section is empty.


    func GeoIP2Reader

    func GeoIP2Reader() (*geoip2.Reader, error)

      GeoIP2Reader returns a city database reader with only 1 ipv4 and 1 ipv6 address

      func RandInt64

      func RandInt64() int64

        RandInt64 returns a random integer. greater than or equal to 0, and less than 1 million. It's not necessary to do any seeding to use this method

        func RandStr

        func RandStr() string

          RandStr returns a random alphanumeric string of arbitrary length. It's not necessary to do any seeding to use this method

          func SignedCert

          func SignedCert(domain string, parentCertPEM, parentKeyPEM []byte) ([]byte, []byte)

            SignedCert generates a PEM encoded certificate/key pair for the given domain. If parentCertPEM/parentKeyPEM are given the certificate will be signed by that parent, otherwise it will be self-signed. If domain is not given, the returned certificate will itself be a signing CA certificate

            This function will panic if it receives invalid input or can't read from rand.Reader for some reason


            type RoundTripper

            type RoundTripper map[string]RoundTripperResponse

              RoundTripper is an instance of a RoundTripper that allows you to pass the responses ahead of time per domain

              func (RoundTripper) RoundTrip

              func (rt RoundTripper) RoundTrip(r *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

                RoundTrip is needed to implement the RoundTripper interface It checks for an existing response for the domain first, and then falls back to looking for an existing response for the full uri

                type RoundTripperResponse

                type RoundTripperResponse struct {
                	Resp *http.Response
                	Err  error

                  Response is a response for a specific domain