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signed records for use with routing systems




This package has some tests that rely on generating weak RSA keys (for speed). In order to successfully run the tests, one must set the environment variable, LIBP2P_ALLOW_WEAK_RSA_KEYS to any non-empty value, such as 1.


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The last gx published version of this module was: 4.1.15: QmbeHtaBy9nZsW4cHRcvgVY4CnDhXudE2Dr6qDxS7yg9rX




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var ErrInvalidRecordType = errors.New("invalid record keytype")

ErrInvalidRecordType is returned if a DHTRecord keys prefix is not found in the Validator map of the DHT.


func MakePutRecord

func MakePutRecord(key string, value []byte) *pb.Record

MakePutRecord creates a dht record for the given key/value pair

func SplitKey

func SplitKey(key string) (string, string, error)

SplitKey takes a key in the form `/$namespace/$path` and splits it into `$namespace` and `$path`.


type ErrBetterRecord added in v0.1.3

type ErrBetterRecord struct {
	// Key is the key associated with the record.
	Key string
	// Value is the best value that was found, according to the record's
	// validator.
	Value []byte

ErrBetterRecord is returned by a subsystem when it fails because it found a better record.

func (*ErrBetterRecord) Error added in v0.1.3

func (e *ErrBetterRecord) Error() string

type NamespacedValidator

type NamespacedValidator map[string]Validator

NamespacedValidator is a validator that delegates to sub-validators by namespace.

func (NamespacedValidator) Select

func (v NamespacedValidator) Select(key string, values [][]byte) (int, error)

Select conforms to the Validator interface.

func (NamespacedValidator) Validate

func (v NamespacedValidator) Validate(key string, value []byte) error

Validate conforms to the Validator interface.

func (NamespacedValidator) ValidatorByKey

func (v NamespacedValidator) ValidatorByKey(key string) Validator

ValidatorByKey looks up the validator responsible for validating the given key.

type PublicKeyValidator

type PublicKeyValidator struct{}

PublicKeyValidator is a Validator that validates public keys.

func (PublicKeyValidator) Select

func (pkv PublicKeyValidator) Select(k string, vals [][]byte) (int, error)

Select conforms to the Validator interface.

It always returns 0 as all public keys are equivalently valid.

func (PublicKeyValidator) Validate

func (pkv PublicKeyValidator) Validate(key string, value []byte) error

Validate conforms to the Validator interface.

It verifies that the passed in record value is the PublicKey that matches the passed in key.

type Validator

type Validator interface {
	// Validate validates the given record, returning an error if it's
	// invalid (e.g., expired, signed by the wrong key, etc.).
	Validate(key string, value []byte) error

	// Select selects the best record from the set of records (e.g., the
	// newest).
	// Decisions made by select should be stable.
	Select(key string, values [][]byte) (int, error)

Validator is an interface that should be implemented by record validators.


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