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Published: Feb 2, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 9 Imported by: 2



Package utils offers utility functions for http requests, pagination, and filtering



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const (
	GetParamPage    = "page"
	GetParamPerPage = "per_page"
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const (
	FOpEquals   = "equals"
	FOpPrefix   = "prefix"
	FOpSuffix   = "suffix"
	FOpContains = "contains"


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func GetPageOfSlice

func GetPageOfSlice(slice []string, page, perPage, maxPerPage int) ([]string, error)

Returns a 'slice' of the given slice based on the requested 'page'

func GetPagingAttr

func GetPagingAttr(total, page, perPage, maxPerPage int) (int, int, error)

Returns offset and limit representing a subset of the given slice total size

based on the requested 'page'

func HTTPDoAuth

func HTTPDoAuth(req *http.Request, ticket *obtainer.Client) (*http.Response, error)

Send an HTTP request with X-Auth-Token entity-header.

Ticket is renewed once in case of failure.

func HTTPRequest

func HTTPRequest(method string, url string, headers map[string][]string, body io.Reader,
	ticket *obtainer.Client) (*http.Response, error)

Constructs and submits an HTTP request and returns the response

func MatchObject

func MatchObject(object interface{}, path []string, op string, value string) (bool, error)

func ParsePagingParams

func ParsePagingParams(page, perPage string, maxPerPage int) (int, int, error)

Parses string paging parameters to integers

func ValidatePagingParams

func ValidatePagingParams(page, perPage, maxPerPage int) error

Validates paging parameters


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