generated by js/modules/k6/html/gen/gen_elements.go directed by js/modules/k6/html/elements.go; DO NOT EDIT nolint: goconst



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    const (
    	ElementNode  = 1
    	TextNode     = 3
    	CommentNode  = 8
    	DocumentNode = 9
    	DoctypeNode  = 10
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    const (
    	AnchorTagName          = "a"
    	AreaTagName            = "area"
    	AudioTagName           = "audio"
    	BaseTagName            = "base"
    	ButtonTagName          = "button"
    	CanvasTagName          = "canvas"
    	DataTagName            = "data"
    	DataListTagName        = "datalist"
    	DelTagName             = "del"
    	EmbedTagName           = "embed"
    	FieldSetTagName        = "fieldset"
    	FormTagName            = "form"
    	IFrameTagName          = "iframe"
    	ImageTagName           = "img"
    	InputTagName           = "input"
    	InsTagName             = "ins"
    	KeygenTagName          = "keygen"
    	LabelTagName           = "label"
    	LegendTagName          = "legend"
    	LiTagName              = "li"
    	LinkTagName            = "link"
    	MapTagName             = "map"
    	MetaTagName            = "meta"
    	MeterTagName           = "meter"
    	ObjectTagName          = "object"
    	OListTagName           = "ol"
    	OptGroupTagName        = "optgroup"
    	OptionTagName          = "option"
    	OutputTagName          = "output"
    	ParamTagName           = "param"
    	PreTagName             = "pre"
    	ProgressTagName        = "progress"
    	QuoteTagName           = "quote"
    	ScriptTagName          = "script"
    	SelectTagName          = "select"
    	SourceTagName          = "source"
    	StyleTagName           = "style"
    	TableTagName           = "table"
    	TableHeadTagName       = "thead"
    	TableFootTagName       = "tfoot"
    	TableBodyTagName       = "tbody"
    	TableRowTagName        = "tr"
    	TableColTagName        = "col"
    	TableDataCellTagName   = "td"
    	TableHeaderCellTagName = "th"
    	TextAreaTagName        = "textarea"
    	TimeTagName            = "time"
    	TitleTagName           = "title"
    	TrackTagName           = "track"
    	UListTagName           = "ul"
    	VideoTagName           = "video"

      The code generator depends on the TagName constants being defined before the Element structs


      This section is empty.


      This section is empty.


      type AnchorElement

      type AnchorElement struct{ HrefElement }

      type AreaElement

      type AreaElement struct{ HrefElement }

      type Attribute

      type Attribute struct {
      	OwnerElement *Element `json:"owner_element"`
      	Name         string   `json:"name"`
      	Value string `json:"value"`
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func (Attribute) LocalName

      func (a Attribute) LocalName() string

      func (Attribute) NamespaceURI

      func (a Attribute) NamespaceURI() string

      func (Attribute) Prefix

      func (a Attribute) Prefix() string

      type AudioElement

      type AudioElement struct{ MediaElement }

      type BaseElement

      type BaseElement struct{ Element }

      func (BaseElement) Href

      func (e BaseElement) Href() string

      func (BaseElement) Target

      func (e BaseElement) Target() string

      type ButtonElement

      type ButtonElement struct{ FormFieldElement }

      func (ButtonElement) AccessKey

      func (e ButtonElement) AccessKey() string

      func (ButtonElement) Autofocus

      func (e ButtonElement) Autofocus() bool

      func (ButtonElement) Disabled

      func (e ButtonElement) Disabled() bool

      func (ButtonElement) TabIndex

      func (e ButtonElement) TabIndex() int

      func (ButtonElement) Type

      func (e ButtonElement) Type() string

      func (ButtonElement) Value

      func (b ButtonElement) Value() string

      type CanvasElement

      type CanvasElement struct{ Element }

      func (CanvasElement) Height

      func (c CanvasElement) Height() int

      func (CanvasElement) Width

      func (c CanvasElement) Width() int

      type DataElement

      type DataElement struct{ Element }

      func (DataElement) Value

      func (e DataElement) Value() string

      type DataListElement

      type DataListElement struct{ Element }

      func (DataListElement) Options

      func (d DataListElement) Options() []goja.Value

      type DelElement

      type DelElement struct{ ModElement }

      type Element

      type Element struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      func (Element) Attributes

      func (e Element) Attributes() map[string]Attribute

      func (Element) ChildElementCount

      func (e Element) ChildElementCount() int

      func (Element) ChildNodes

      func (e Element) ChildNodes() []goja.Value

      func (Element) Children

      func (e Element) Children() []goja.Value

      func (Element) ClassList

      func (e Element) ClassList() []string

      func (Element) ClassName

      func (e Element) ClassName() goja.Value

      func (Element) Contains

      func (e Element) Contains(v goja.Value) bool

      func (Element) FirstChild

      func (e Element) FirstChild() goja.Value

      func (Element) FirstElementChild

      func (e Element) FirstElementChild() goja.Value

      func (Element) GetAttribute

      func (e Element) GetAttribute(name string) goja.Value

      func (Element) GetAttributeNode

      func (e Element) GetAttributeNode(name string) goja.Value

      func (Element) GetElementsByClassName

      func (e Element) GetElementsByClassName(name string) []goja.Value

      func (Element) GetElementsByTagName

      func (e Element) GetElementsByTagName(name string) []goja.Value

      func (Element) HasAttribute

      func (e Element) HasAttribute(name string) bool

      func (Element) HasAttributes

      func (e Element) HasAttributes() bool

      func (Element) HasChildNodes

      func (e Element) HasChildNodes() bool

      func (Element) Id

      func (e Element) Id() string

      func (Element) InnerHTML

      func (e Element) InnerHTML() goja.Value

      func (Element) IsDefaultNamespace

      func (e Element) IsDefaultNamespace() bool

      func (Element) IsEqualNode

      func (e Element) IsEqualNode(v goja.Value) bool

      func (Element) IsSameNode

      func (e Element) IsSameNode(v goja.Value) bool

      func (Element) Lang

      func (e Element) Lang() goja.Value

      func (Element) LastChild

      func (e Element) LastChild() goja.Value

      func (Element) LastElementChild

      func (e Element) LastElementChild() goja.Value

      func (Element) Matches

      func (e Element) Matches(selector string) bool

      func (Element) NamespaceURI

      func (e Element) NamespaceURI() string

      func (Element) NextElementSibling

      func (e Element) NextElementSibling() goja.Value

      func (Element) NextSibling

      func (e Element) NextSibling() goja.Value

      func (Element) NodeName

      func (e Element) NodeName() string

      func (Element) NodeType

      func (e Element) NodeType() goja.Value

      func (Element) NodeValue

      func (e Element) NodeValue() goja.Value

      func (Element) OwnerDocument

      func (e Element) OwnerDocument() goja.Value

      func (Element) ParentElement

      func (e Element) ParentElement() goja.Value

      func (Element) ParentNode

      func (e Element) ParentNode() goja.Value

      func (Element) PreviousElementSibling

      func (e Element) PreviousElementSibling() goja.Value

      func (Element) PreviousSibling

      func (e Element) PreviousSibling() goja.Value

      func (Element) QuerySelector

      func (e Element) QuerySelector(selector string) goja.Value

      func (Element) QuerySelectorAll

      func (e Element) QuerySelectorAll(selector string) []goja.Value

      func (Element) TextContent

      func (e Element) TextContent() string

      func (Element) ToString

      func (e Element) ToString() goja.Value

      type EmbedElement

      type EmbedElement struct{ Element }

      func (EmbedElement) Height

      func (e EmbedElement) Height() string

      func (EmbedElement) Src

      func (e EmbedElement) Src() string

      func (EmbedElement) Type

      func (e EmbedElement) Type() string

      func (EmbedElement) Width

      func (e EmbedElement) Width() string

      type FieldSetElement

      type FieldSetElement struct{ Element }

      func (FieldSetElement) Disabled

      func (e FieldSetElement) Disabled() bool

      func (FieldSetElement) Elements

      func (f FieldSetElement) Elements() []goja.Value

      func (FieldSetElement) Form

      func (f FieldSetElement) Form() goja.Value

      func (FieldSetElement) Name

      func (e FieldSetElement) Name() string

      func (FieldSetElement) Type

      func (f FieldSetElement) Type() string

      func (FieldSetElement) Validity

      func (f FieldSetElement) Validity() goja.Value

      type FormElement

      type FormElement struct{ Element }

      func (FormElement) AcceptCharset

      func (e FormElement) AcceptCharset() string

      func (FormElement) Action

      func (e FormElement) Action() string

      func (FormElement) Autocomplete

      func (e FormElement) Autocomplete() string

      func (FormElement) Elements

      func (f FormElement) Elements() []goja.Value

      func (FormElement) Encoding

      func (e FormElement) Encoding() string

      func (FormElement) Enctype

      func (e FormElement) Enctype() string

      func (FormElement) Length

      func (f FormElement) Length() int

      func (FormElement) Method

      func (f FormElement) Method() string

      func (FormElement) Name

      func (e FormElement) Name() string

      func (FormElement) NoValidate

      func (e FormElement) NoValidate() bool

      func (FormElement) Target

      func (e FormElement) Target() string

      type FormFieldElement

      type FormFieldElement struct{ Element }

      func (FormFieldElement) Form

      func (f FormFieldElement) Form() goja.Value

      func (FormFieldElement) FormAction

      func (f FormFieldElement) FormAction() string

      func (FormFieldElement) FormEnctype

      func (f FormFieldElement) FormEnctype() string

        nolint: goconst

        func (FormFieldElement) FormMethod

        func (f FormFieldElement) FormMethod() string

        func (FormFieldElement) FormNoValidate

        func (f FormFieldElement) FormNoValidate() bool

        func (FormFieldElement) FormTarget

        func (f FormFieldElement) FormTarget() string

        func (FormFieldElement) Labels

        func (f FormFieldElement) Labels() []goja.Value

        func (FormFieldElement) Name

        func (f FormFieldElement) Name() string

        type FormValue

        type FormValue struct {
        	Name  string
        	Value goja.Value

        type HTML

        type HTML struct{}

        func New

        func New() *HTML

        func (HTML) ParseHTML

        func (HTML) ParseHTML(ctx context.Context, src string) (Selection, error)

        type HrefElement

        type HrefElement struct{ Element }

        func (HrefElement) AccessKey

        func (e HrefElement) AccessKey() string

        func (HrefElement) Download

        func (e HrefElement) Download() string

        func (HrefElement) Hash

        func (h HrefElement) Hash() string

        func (HrefElement) Host

        func (h HrefElement) Host() string

        func (HrefElement) Hostname

        func (h HrefElement) Hostname() string

        func (HrefElement) Href

        func (e HrefElement) Href() string

        func (HrefElement) HrefLang

        func (e HrefElement) HrefLang() string

        func (HrefElement) Origin

        func (h HrefElement) Origin() string

          nolint: goconst

          func (HrefElement) Password

          func (h HrefElement) Password() string

          func (HrefElement) Pathname

          func (h HrefElement) Pathname() string

          func (HrefElement) Port

          func (h HrefElement) Port() string

          func (HrefElement) Protocol

          func (h HrefElement) Protocol() string

          func (HrefElement) ReferrerPolicy

          func (e HrefElement) ReferrerPolicy() string

          func (HrefElement) Rel

          func (e HrefElement) Rel() string

          func (HrefElement) RelList

          func (h HrefElement) RelList() []string

          func (HrefElement) Search

          func (h HrefElement) Search() string

          func (HrefElement) Target

          func (e HrefElement) Target() string

          func (HrefElement) Text

          func (h HrefElement) Text() string

          func (HrefElement) ToString

          func (e HrefElement) ToString() string

          func (HrefElement) Type

          func (e HrefElement) Type() string

          func (HrefElement) Username

          func (h HrefElement) Username() string

          type IFrameElement

          type IFrameElement struct{ Element }

          func (IFrameElement) Allowfullscreen

          func (e IFrameElement) Allowfullscreen() bool

          func (IFrameElement) Height

          func (e IFrameElement) Height() string

          func (IFrameElement) Name

          func (e IFrameElement) Name() string

          func (IFrameElement) ReferrerPolicy

          func (e IFrameElement) ReferrerPolicy() string

          func (IFrameElement) Src

          func (e IFrameElement) Src() string

          func (IFrameElement) Width

          func (e IFrameElement) Width() string

          type ImageElement

          type ImageElement struct{ Element }

          func (ImageElement) Alt

          func (e ImageElement) Alt() string

          func (ImageElement) CrossOrigin

          func (e ImageElement) CrossOrigin() goja.Value

          func (ImageElement) CurrentSrc

          func (e ImageElement) CurrentSrc() string

          func (ImageElement) Height

          func (e ImageElement) Height() int

          func (ImageElement) IsMap

          func (e ImageElement) IsMap() bool

          func (ImageElement) Name

          func (e ImageElement) Name() string

          func (ImageElement) ReferrerPolicy

          func (e ImageElement) ReferrerPolicy() string

          func (ImageElement) Sizes

          func (e ImageElement) Sizes() string

          func (ImageElement) Src

          func (e ImageElement) Src() string

          func (ImageElement) Srcset

          func (e ImageElement) Srcset() string

          func (ImageElement) UseMap

          func (e ImageElement) UseMap() string

          func (ImageElement) Width

          func (e ImageElement) Width() int

          type InputElement

          type InputElement struct{ FormFieldElement }

          func (InputElement) Accept

          func (e InputElement) Accept() string

          func (InputElement) AccessKey

          func (e InputElement) AccessKey() string

          func (InputElement) Alt

          func (e InputElement) Alt() string

          func (InputElement) Autocomplete

          func (e InputElement) Autocomplete() string

          func (InputElement) Autofocus

          func (e InputElement) Autofocus() bool

          func (InputElement) Checked

          func (e InputElement) Checked() bool

          func (InputElement) DefaultChecked

          func (e InputElement) DefaultChecked() bool

          func (InputElement) DefaultValue

          func (e InputElement) DefaultValue() string

          func (InputElement) DirName

          func (e InputElement) DirName() string

          func (InputElement) Disabled

          func (e InputElement) Disabled() bool

          func (InputElement) Height

          func (e InputElement) Height() string

          func (InputElement) List

          func (i InputElement) List() goja.Value

            nolint: goconst

            func (InputElement) Max

            func (e InputElement) Max() string

            func (InputElement) MaxLength

            func (e InputElement) MaxLength() int

            func (InputElement) Min

            func (e InputElement) Min() string

            func (InputElement) Multiple

            func (e InputElement) Multiple() bool

            func (InputElement) Name

            func (e InputElement) Name() string

            func (InputElement) Pattern

            func (e InputElement) Pattern() string

            func (InputElement) Placeholder

            func (e InputElement) Placeholder() string

            func (InputElement) Readonly

            func (e InputElement) Readonly() bool

            func (InputElement) Required

            func (e InputElement) Required() bool

            func (InputElement) Size

            func (e InputElement) Size() int

            func (InputElement) Src

            func (e InputElement) Src() string

            func (InputElement) Step

            func (e InputElement) Step() string

            func (InputElement) TabIndex

            func (e InputElement) TabIndex() int

            func (InputElement) Type

            func (e InputElement) Type() string

            func (InputElement) Value

            func (e InputElement) Value() string

            func (InputElement) Width

            func (e InputElement) Width() string

            type InsElement

            type InsElement struct{ ModElement }

            type KeygenElement

            type KeygenElement struct{ Element }

            func (KeygenElement) Autofocus

            func (e KeygenElement) Autofocus() bool

            func (KeygenElement) Challenge

            func (e KeygenElement) Challenge() string

            func (KeygenElement) Disabled

            func (e KeygenElement) Disabled() bool

            func (KeygenElement) Form

            func (k KeygenElement) Form() goja.Value

            func (KeygenElement) Keytype

            func (e KeygenElement) Keytype() string

            func (KeygenElement) Labels

            func (k KeygenElement) Labels() []goja.Value

            func (KeygenElement) Name

            func (e KeygenElement) Name() string

            func (KeygenElement) Type

            func (e KeygenElement) Type() string

            type LabelElement

            type LabelElement struct{ Element }

            func (LabelElement) Control

            func (l LabelElement) Control() goja.Value

            func (LabelElement) Form

            func (l LabelElement) Form() goja.Value

            func (LabelElement) HtmlFor

            func (e LabelElement) HtmlFor() string

            type LegendElement

            type LegendElement struct{ Element }

            func (LegendElement) AccessKey

            func (e LegendElement) AccessKey() string

            func (LegendElement) Form

            func (l LegendElement) Form() goja.Value

            type LiElement

            type LiElement struct{ Element }

            func (LiElement) Type

            func (e LiElement) Type() string

            func (LiElement) Value

            func (e LiElement) Value() int

            type LinkElement

            type LinkElement struct{ Element }

            func (LinkElement) CrossOrigin

            func (e LinkElement) CrossOrigin() goja.Value

            func (LinkElement) Href

            func (e LinkElement) Href() string

            func (LinkElement) Hreflang

            func (e LinkElement) Hreflang() string

            func (LinkElement) Media

            func (e LinkElement) Media() string

            func (LinkElement) ReferrerPolicy

            func (e LinkElement) ReferrerPolicy() string

            func (LinkElement) Rel

            func (e LinkElement) Rel() string

            func (LinkElement) RelList

            func (l LinkElement) RelList() []string

            func (LinkElement) Target

            func (e LinkElement) Target() string

            func (LinkElement) Type

            func (e LinkElement) Type() string

            type MapElement

            type MapElement struct{ Element }

            func (MapElement) Areas

            func (m MapElement) Areas() []goja.Value

            func (MapElement) Images

            func (m MapElement) Images() []goja.Value

            func (MapElement) Name

            func (e MapElement) Name() string

            type MediaElement

            type MediaElement struct{ Element }

            func (MediaElement) Autoplay

            func (e MediaElement) Autoplay() bool

            func (MediaElement) Controls

            func (e MediaElement) Controls() bool

            func (MediaElement) CrossOrigin

            func (e MediaElement) CrossOrigin() goja.Value

            func (MediaElement) CurrentSrc

            func (e MediaElement) CurrentSrc() string

            func (MediaElement) DefaultMuted

            func (e MediaElement) DefaultMuted() bool

            func (MediaElement) Loop

            func (e MediaElement) Loop() bool

            func (MediaElement) MediaGroup

            func (e MediaElement) MediaGroup() string

            func (MediaElement) Muted

            func (e MediaElement) Muted() bool

            func (MediaElement) Preload

            func (e MediaElement) Preload() string

            func (MediaElement) Src

            func (e MediaElement) Src() string

            func (MediaElement) TextTracks

            func (m MediaElement) TextTracks() []goja.Value

            type MetaElement

            type MetaElement struct{ Element }

            func (MetaElement) Content

            func (e MetaElement) Content() string

            func (MetaElement) HttpEquiv

            func (e MetaElement) HttpEquiv() string

            func (MetaElement) Name

            func (e MetaElement) Name() string

            type MeterElement

            type MeterElement struct{ Element }

            func (MeterElement) High

            func (e MeterElement) High() int

            func (MeterElement) Labels

            func (m MeterElement) Labels() []goja.Value

            func (MeterElement) Low

            func (e MeterElement) Low() int

            func (MeterElement) Max

            func (e MeterElement) Max() int

            func (MeterElement) Min

            func (e MeterElement) Min() int

            func (MeterElement) Optimum

            func (e MeterElement) Optimum() int

            type ModElement

            type ModElement struct{ Element }

            func (ModElement) Cite

            func (e ModElement) Cite() string

            func (ModElement) Datetime

            func (e ModElement) Datetime() string

            type OListElement

            type OListElement struct{ Element }

            func (OListElement) Reversed

            func (e OListElement) Reversed() bool

            func (OListElement) Start

            func (e OListElement) Start() int

            func (OListElement) Type

            func (e OListElement) Type() string

            type ObjectElement

            type ObjectElement struct{ Element }

            func (ObjectElement) Data

            func (e ObjectElement) Data() string

            func (ObjectElement) Form

            func (o ObjectElement) Form() goja.Value

            func (ObjectElement) Height

            func (e ObjectElement) Height() string

            func (ObjectElement) Name

            func (e ObjectElement) Name() string

            func (ObjectElement) TabIndex

            func (e ObjectElement) TabIndex() int

            func (ObjectElement) Type

            func (e ObjectElement) Type() string

            func (ObjectElement) TypeMustMatch

            func (e ObjectElement) TypeMustMatch() bool

            func (ObjectElement) UseMap

            func (e ObjectElement) UseMap() string

            func (ObjectElement) Width

            func (e ObjectElement) Width() string

            type OptGroupElement

            type OptGroupElement struct{ Element }

            func (OptGroupElement) Disabled

            func (e OptGroupElement) Disabled() bool

            func (OptGroupElement) Label

            func (e OptGroupElement) Label() string

            type OptionElement

            type OptionElement struct{ Element }

            func (OptionElement) DefaultSelected

            func (e OptionElement) DefaultSelected() bool

            func (OptionElement) Disabled

            func (o OptionElement) Disabled() bool

            func (OptionElement) Form

            func (o OptionElement) Form() goja.Value

            func (OptionElement) Index

            func (o OptionElement) Index() int

            func (OptionElement) Label

            func (o OptionElement) Label() string

            func (OptionElement) Selected

            func (e OptionElement) Selected() bool

            func (OptionElement) Text

            func (o OptionElement) Text() string

            func (OptionElement) Value

            func (o OptionElement) Value() string

            type OutputElement

            type OutputElement struct{ Element }

            func (OutputElement) DefaultValue

            func (o OutputElement) DefaultValue() string

            func (OutputElement) Form

            func (o OutputElement) Form() goja.Value

            func (OutputElement) HtmlFor

            func (e OutputElement) HtmlFor() string

            func (OutputElement) Labels

            func (o OutputElement) Labels() []goja.Value

            func (OutputElement) Name

            func (e OutputElement) Name() string

            func (OutputElement) Type

            func (e OutputElement) Type() string

            func (OutputElement) Value

            func (o OutputElement) Value() string

            type ParamElement

            type ParamElement struct{ Element }

            func (ParamElement) Name

            func (e ParamElement) Name() string

            func (ParamElement) Value

            func (e ParamElement) Value() string

            type PreElement

            type PreElement struct{ Element }

            func (PreElement) Name

            func (e PreElement) Name() string

            func (PreElement) Value

            func (e PreElement) Value() string

            type ProgressElement

            type ProgressElement struct{ Element }

            func (ProgressElement) Labels

            func (p ProgressElement) Labels() []goja.Value

            func (ProgressElement) Max

            func (p ProgressElement) Max() float64

            func (ProgressElement) Position

            func (p ProgressElement) Position() float64

            func (ProgressElement) Value

            func (p ProgressElement) Value() float64

            type QuoteElement

            type QuoteElement struct{ Element }

            func (QuoteElement) Cite

            func (e QuoteElement) Cite() string

            type ScriptElement

            type ScriptElement struct{ Element }

            func (ScriptElement) Async

            func (e ScriptElement) Async() bool

            func (ScriptElement) Charset

            func (e ScriptElement) Charset() string

            func (ScriptElement) CrossOrigin

            func (e ScriptElement) CrossOrigin() string

            func (ScriptElement) Defer

            func (e ScriptElement) Defer() bool

            func (ScriptElement) NoModule

            func (e ScriptElement) NoModule() bool

            func (ScriptElement) Src

            func (e ScriptElement) Src() string

            func (ScriptElement) Text

            func (s ScriptElement) Text() string

            func (ScriptElement) Type

            func (e ScriptElement) Type() string

            type SelectElement

            type SelectElement struct{ Element }

            func (SelectElement) Autofocus

            func (e SelectElement) Autofocus() bool

            func (SelectElement) Disabled

            func (e SelectElement) Disabled() bool

            func (SelectElement) Form

            func (s SelectElement) Form() goja.Value

            func (SelectElement) Labels

            func (s SelectElement) Labels() []goja.Value

            func (SelectElement) Length

            func (s SelectElement) Length() int

            func (SelectElement) Multiple

            func (e SelectElement) Multiple() bool

            func (SelectElement) Name

            func (e SelectElement) Name() string

            func (SelectElement) Options

            func (s SelectElement) Options() []goja.Value

            func (SelectElement) Required

            func (e SelectElement) Required() bool

            func (SelectElement) SelectedIndex

            func (s SelectElement) SelectedIndex() int

            func (SelectElement) SelectedOptions

            func (s SelectElement) SelectedOptions() []goja.Value

            func (SelectElement) Size

            func (s SelectElement) Size() int

            func (SelectElement) TabIndex

            func (e SelectElement) TabIndex() int

            func (SelectElement) Type

            func (s SelectElement) Type() string

            func (SelectElement) Value

            func (s SelectElement) Value() string

            type Selection

            type Selection struct {
            	URL string `json:"url"`
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            func (Selection) Add

            func (s Selection) Add(arg interface{}) Selection

            func (Selection) Attr

            func (s Selection) Attr(name string, def ...goja.Value) goja.Value

            func (Selection) Children

            func (s Selection) Children(def ...string) Selection

            func (Selection) Closest

            func (s Selection) Closest(arg interface{}) Selection

            func (Selection) Contents

            func (s Selection) Contents() Selection

            func (Selection) Data

            func (s Selection) Data(def ...string) goja.Value

              When 0 arguments: Read all data from attributes beginning with "data-". When 1 argument: Append argument to "data-" then find for a matching attribute

              func (Selection) Each

              func (s Selection) Each(v goja.Value) Selection

              func (Selection) End

              func (s Selection) End() Selection

              func (Selection) Eq

              func (s Selection) Eq(idx int) Selection

              func (Selection) Filter

              func (s Selection) Filter(v goja.Value) Selection

              func (Selection) Find

              func (s Selection) Find(arg interface{}) Selection

              func (Selection) First

              func (s Selection) First() Selection

              func (Selection) Get

              func (s Selection) Get(def goja.Value

              func (Selection) Has

              func (s Selection) Has(arg interface{}) Selection

              func (Selection) Html

              func (s Selection) Html() goja.Value

              func (Selection) Index

              func (s Selection) Index(def ...goja.Value) int

              func (Selection) Is

              func (s Selection) Is(v goja.Value) bool

              func (Selection) Last

              func (s Selection) Last() Selection

              func (Selection) Map

              func (s Selection) Map(v goja.Value) []string

                Map implements ES5

                func (Selection) Next

                func (s Selection) Next(def ...string) Selection

                func (Selection) NextAll

                func (s Selection) NextAll(def ...string) Selection

                func (Selection) NextUntil

                func (s Selection) NextUntil(def ...goja.Value) Selection

                func (Selection) Not

                func (s Selection) Not(v goja.Value) Selection

                func (Selection) Parent

                func (s Selection) Parent(def ...string) Selection

                func (Selection) Parents

                func (s Selection) Parents(def ...string) Selection

                func (Selection) ParentsUntil

                func (s Selection) ParentsUntil(def ...goja.Value) Selection

                func (Selection) Prev

                func (s Selection) Prev(def ...string) Selection

                func (Selection) PrevAll

                func (s Selection) PrevAll(def ...string) Selection

                func (Selection) PrevUntil

                func (s Selection) PrevUntil(def ...goja.Value) Selection

                  prevUntil, nextUntil and parentsUntil support two arguments with mutable type. 1st argument is the selector. Either a selector string, a Selection object, or nil 2nd argument is the filter. Either a selector string or nil/undefined

                  func (Selection) Serialize

                  func (s Selection) Serialize() string

                  func (Selection) SerializeArray

                  func (s Selection) SerializeArray() []FormValue

                    nolint: goconst

                    func (Selection) SerializeObject

                    func (s Selection) SerializeObject() map[string]goja.Value

                    func (Selection) Siblings

                    func (s Selection) Siblings(def ...string) Selection

                    func (Selection) Size

                    func (s Selection) Size() int

                    func (Selection) Slice

                    func (s Selection) Slice(start int, def Selection

                    func (Selection) Text

                    func (s Selection) Text() string

                    func (Selection) ToArray

                    func (s Selection) ToArray() []Selection

                    func (Selection) Val

                    func (s Selection) Val() goja.Value

                      nolint: goconst

                      type SourceElement

                      type SourceElement struct{ Element }

                      func (SourceElement) KeySystem

                      func (e SourceElement) KeySystem() string

                      func (SourceElement) Media

                      func (e SourceElement) Media() string

                      func (SourceElement) Sizes

                      func (e SourceElement) Sizes() string

                      func (SourceElement) Src

                      func (e SourceElement) Src() string

                      func (SourceElement) Srcset

                      func (e SourceElement) Srcset() string

                      func (SourceElement) Type

                      func (e SourceElement) Type() string

                      type StyleElement

                      type StyleElement struct{ Element }

                      func (StyleElement) Media

                      func (e StyleElement) Media() string

                      func (StyleElement) Type

                      func (s StyleElement) Type() string

                      type TableBodyElement

                      type TableBodyElement struct{ TableSectionElement }

                      type TableCellElement

                      type TableCellElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TableCellElement) CellIndex

                      func (t TableCellElement) CellIndex() int

                      func (TableCellElement) ColSpan

                      func (e TableCellElement) ColSpan() int

                      func (TableCellElement) Headers

                      func (e TableCellElement) Headers() string

                      func (TableCellElement) RowSpan

                      func (e TableCellElement) RowSpan() int

                      type TableColElement

                      type TableColElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TableColElement) Span

                      func (t TableColElement) Span() int

                      type TableDataCellElement

                      type TableDataCellElement struct{ TableCellElement }

                      type TableElement

                      type TableElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TableElement) Caption

                      func (t TableElement) Caption() goja.Value

                      func (TableElement) Rows

                      func (t TableElement) Rows() []goja.Value

                      func (TableElement) Sortable

                      func (e TableElement) Sortable() bool

                      func (TableElement) TBodies

                      func (t TableElement) TBodies() []goja.Value

                      func (TableElement) TFoot

                      func (t TableElement) TFoot() goja.Value

                      func (TableElement) THead

                      func (t TableElement) THead() goja.Value

                      type TableFootElement

                      type TableFootElement struct{ TableSectionElement }

                      type TableHeadElement

                      type TableHeadElement struct{ TableSectionElement }

                      type TableHeaderCellElement

                      type TableHeaderCellElement struct{ TableCellElement }

                      func (TableHeaderCellElement) Abbr

                      func (e TableHeaderCellElement) Abbr() string

                      func (TableHeaderCellElement) Scope

                      func (e TableHeaderCellElement) Scope() string

                      func (TableHeaderCellElement) Sorted

                      func (e TableHeaderCellElement) Sorted() bool

                      type TableRowElement

                      type TableRowElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TableRowElement) Cells

                      func (t TableRowElement) Cells() []goja.Value

                      func (TableRowElement) RowIndex

                      func (t TableRowElement) RowIndex() int

                      func (TableRowElement) SectionRowIndex

                      func (t TableRowElement) SectionRowIndex() int

                      type TableSectionElement

                      type TableSectionElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TableSectionElement) Rows

                      func (t TableSectionElement) Rows() []goja.Value

                      type TextAreaElement

                      type TextAreaElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TextAreaElement) AccessKey

                      func (e TextAreaElement) AccessKey() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) Autocapitalize

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Autocapitalize() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) Autocomplete

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Autocomplete() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) Cols

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Cols() int

                      func (TextAreaElement) DefaultValue

                      func (e TextAreaElement) DefaultValue() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) Form

                      func (t TextAreaElement) Form() goja.Value

                      func (TextAreaElement) Labels

                      func (t TextAreaElement) Labels() []goja.Value

                      func (TextAreaElement) Length

                      func (t TextAreaElement) Length() int

                      func (TextAreaElement) MaxLength

                      func (e TextAreaElement) MaxLength() int

                      func (TextAreaElement) Placeholder

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Placeholder() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) ReadOnly

                      func (e TextAreaElement) ReadOnly() bool

                      func (TextAreaElement) Required

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Required() bool

                      func (TextAreaElement) Rows

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Rows() int

                      func (TextAreaElement) TabIndex

                      func (e TextAreaElement) TabIndex() int

                      func (TextAreaElement) Type

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Type() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) Value

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Value() string

                      func (TextAreaElement) Wrap

                      func (e TextAreaElement) Wrap() string

                      type TimeElement

                      type TimeElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TimeElement) Datetime

                      func (e TimeElement) Datetime() string

                      type TitleElement

                      type TitleElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TitleElement) Text

                      func (t TitleElement) Text() string

                      type TrackElement

                      type TrackElement struct{ Element }

                      func (TrackElement) Default

                      func (e TrackElement) Default() bool

                      func (TrackElement) Kind

                      func (e TrackElement) Kind() string

                      func (TrackElement) Label

                      func (e TrackElement) Label() string

                      func (TrackElement) Src

                      func (e TrackElement) Src() string

                      func (TrackElement) Srclang

                      func (e TrackElement) Srclang() string

                      type UListElement

                      type UListElement struct{ Element }

                      func (UListElement) Type

                      func (e UListElement) Type() string

                      type VideoElement

                      type VideoElement struct{ MediaElement }


                      Path Synopsis