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func CreateFilesystems

func CreateFilesystems() map[string]afero.Fs

    CreateFilesystems creates the correct filesystem map for the current OS

    func Dir

    func Dir(old *url.URL) *url.URL

      Dir returns the directory for the path.

      func Resolve

      func Resolve(pwd *url.URL, moduleSpecifier string) (*url.URL, error)

        Resolve a relative path to an absolute one.


        type SourceData

        type SourceData struct {
        	Data []byte
        	URL  *url.URL

          SourceData wraps a source file; data and filename.

          func Load

          func Load(
          	logger logrus.FieldLogger, filesystems map[string]afero.Fs, moduleSpecifier *url.URL, originalModuleSpecifier string,
          ) (*SourceData, error)

            Load loads the provided moduleSpecifier from the given filesystems which are map of afero.Fs for a given scheme which is they key of the map. If the scheme is https then a request will be made if the files is not found in the map and written to the map.

            func ReadSource

            func ReadSource(
            	logger logrus.FieldLogger, src, pwd string, filesystems map[string]afero.Fs, stdin io.Reader,
            ) (*SourceData, error)

              ReadSource Reads a source file from any supported destination.