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var (
	ErrNeedPositiveAmount = InvalidParameterError{
		errors.New("amount must be positive"),

	ErrNeedPositiveMinconf = InvalidParameterError{
		errors.New("minconf must be positive"),

	ErrAddressNotInWallet = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCWallet,
		Message: "address not found in wallet",

	ErrAccountNameNotFound = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCWalletInvalidAccountName,
		Message: "account name not found",

	ErrUnloadedWallet = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCWallet,
		Message: "Request requires a wallet but wallet has not loaded yet",

	ErrWalletUnlockNeeded = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCWalletUnlockNeeded,
		Message: "Enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first",

	ErrNotImportedAccount = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCWallet,
		Message: "imported addresses must belong to the imported account",

	ErrNoTransactionInfo = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCNoTxInfo,
		Message: "No information for transaction",

	ErrReservedAccountName = btcjson.RPCError{
		Code:    btcjson.ErrRPCInvalidParameter,
		Message: "Account name is reserved by RPC server",

Errors variables that are defined once here to avoid duplication below.

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var ErrNoAuth = errors.New("no auth")

ErrNoAuth represents an error where authentication could not succeed due to a missing Authorization HTTP header.


func UseLogger

func UseLogger(logger btclog.Logger)

UseLogger sets the package-wide logger. Any calls to this function must be made before a server is created and used (it is not concurrent safe).


type DeserializationError

type DeserializationError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeserializationError describes a failed deserializaion due to bad user input. It corresponds to btcjson.ErrRPCDeserialization.

type InvalidParameterError

type InvalidParameterError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

InvalidParameterError describes an invalid parameter passed by the user. It corresponds to btcjson.ErrRPCInvalidParameter.

type Options

type Options struct {
	Username string
	Password string

	MaxPOSTClients      int64
	MaxWebsocketClients int64

Options contains the required options for running the legacy RPC server.

type ParseError

type ParseError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ParseError describes a failed parse due to bad user input. It corresponds to btcjson.ErrRPCParse.

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server holds the items the RPC server may need to access (auth, config, shutdown, etc.)

func NewServer

func NewServer(opts *Options, walletLoader *wallet.Loader, listeners []net.Listener) *Server

NewServer creates a new server for serving legacy RPC client connections, both HTTP POST and websocket.

func (*Server) RegisterWallet

func (s *Server) RegisterWallet(w *wallet.Wallet)

RegisterWallet associates the legacy RPC server with the wallet. This function must be called before any wallet RPCs can be called by clients.

func (*Server) RequestProcessShutdown

func (s *Server) RequestProcessShutdown() <-chan struct{}

RequestProcessShutdown returns a channel that is sent to when an authorized client requests remote shutdown.

func (*Server) SetChainServer

func (s *Server) SetChainServer(chainClient chain.Interface)

SetChainServer sets the chain server client component needed to run a fully functional bitcoin wallet RPC server. This can be called to enable RPC passthrough even before a loaded wallet is set, but the wallet's RPC client is preferred.

func (*Server) Stop

func (s *Server) Stop()

Stop gracefully shuts down the rpc server by stopping and disconnecting all clients, disconnecting the chain server connection, and closing the wallet's account files. This blocks until shutdown completes.

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