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const (
	// DefaultName is the default IP Failover resource name.
	DefaultName = "ipfailover"

	// DefaultType is the default IP Failover type.
	DefaultType = "keepalived"

	// DefaultServicePort is the default service port.
	DefaultServicePort = 1985

	// DefaultWatchPort is the default IP Failover watched port number.
	DefaultWatchPort = 80

	// DefaultSelector is the default resource selector.
	DefaultSelector = "ipfailover=<name>"

	// DefaultInterface is the default network interface.
	DefaultInterface = "eth0"


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func ValidateCmdOptions

func ValidateCmdOptions(options *IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions, c *Configurator) error

ValidateCmdOptions validates command line operations.

func ValidateIPAddress

func ValidateIPAddress(ip string) error

ValidateIPAddress validates IP address.

func ValidateIPAddressRange

func ValidateIPAddressRange(iprange string) error

ValidateIPAddressRange validates an IP address range or single IP address.

func ValidateVirtualIPs

func ValidateVirtualIPs(vips string) error

ValidateVirtualIPs validates virtual IP range/addresses.


type Configurator

type Configurator struct {
	Name   string
	Plugin IPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin
	Writer io.Writer

func NewConfigurator

func NewConfigurator(name string, plugin IPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin, out io.Writer) *Configurator

func (*Configurator) Create

func (c *Configurator) Create() error

func (*Configurator) Generate

func (c *Configurator) Generate() (*kapi.List, error)

type IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions

type IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions struct {
	Type           string
	ImageTemplate  variable.ImageTemplate
	Credentials    string
	ServicePort    int
	Selector       string
	Create         bool
	ServiceAccount string

	//  Failover options.
	VirtualIPs       string
	NetworkInterface string
	WatchPort        int
	Replicas         int

IPFailoverConfigCmdOptions are options supported by the IP Failover admin command.

type IPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin

type IPFailoverConfiguratorPlugin interface {
	GetWatchPort() (int, error)
	GetSelector() (map[string]string, error)
	GetNamespace() (string, error)
	GetDeploymentConfig() (*deployapi.DeploymentConfig, error)
	Generate() (*kapi.List, error)
	Create(out io.Writer) error


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