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Published: Jul 9, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 26 Imported by: 0



Package invoke implements the process of invoking a 'luciexe' compatible subprocess, but without setting up any of the 'host' requirements (like a Logdog Butler or LUCI Auth).

See for details on the protocol.



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type Options

type Options struct {
	// This should be in Build.Step.Name format, i.e. "parent|parent|leaf".
	// Namespace is used as:
	//   * The Step name of the enclosing Build Step.
	//   * Generating the new LOGDOG_NAMESPACE in the environment for the
	//     subprocess. Non-StreamName characters are replaced with '_',
	//     and if the first character of a segment is not a character, "s_" is
	//     prpended. i.e. if the current LOGDOG_NAMESPACE is "u", and this
	//     namespace is "x|!!cool!!|z", then LOGDOG_NAMESPACE for the
	//     subprocess will be "u/x/s___cool__/z".
	//     * The LUCI Executable host process will assert that all logdog stream
	//       names mentioned in the subprocess's Build are relative to this.
	//   * The basis for the stdout/stderr Logdog streams for the subprocess.
	//   * The LUCI Executable host process will adjust the subprocess's step
	//     names to be relative to this. i.e. if the subprocess emits a step "a|b"
	//     and the Namespace is "x|y|z", then the step will show up as "x|y|z|a|b"
	//     on the overall Build.
	// TODO(iannucci): Logdog stream names are restricted because they show up in
	// URLs on the logdog service. If the logdog service instead uses URL encoding
	// of the stream name, then StreamName could be expanded to allow all
	// characters except for "/". At some later point we could potentially change
	// the separator from "/" to "|" to match Buildbucket semantics.
	// TODO(iannucci): Find a way to have logdog stream name namespacing be more
	// transparent (i.e. without needing explicit cooperation from the logdog
	// client library via LOGDOG_NAMESPACE envvar).
	// Default: The Namespace is empty. This is ONLY useful when writing
	// a transparent wrapper for a luciexe which doesn't, itself, implement the
	// luciexe protocol. If Namespace is empty, then Subprocess.Step will be
	// `nil`.
	Namespace string

	// The base dir where all sub-directories (i.e. workdir, tempdir, etc.)
	// will be created under (i.e. the `cwd` for invoked luciexe will be
	// `$BaseDir/w`). If specified, this must exist and be a directory.
	// If empty, a random directory under os.TempDir will be used.
	BaseDir string

	// Absolute path to the cache base directory. This must exist and be
	// a directory.
	// Default: If LUCI_CONFIG['lucictx']['cache_dir'] is set, it will be passed
	// through unchanged. Otherwise a new empty directory is allocated which will
	// be destroyed on the subprocess's completion.
	CacheDir string

	// If set, the subprocess's final Build message will be collected and returned
	// from Wait.
	// If CollectOutput is specified, but CollectOutputPath is not, a temporary
	// path will be seleceted and destroyed on the subprocess's completion.
	CollectOutput bool

	// If set, will be used as the path to output the subprocess's final Build
	// state. Must end with one of {'.pb', '.json', '.textpb'}. This must be
	// a path to a non-existent file (i.e. parent must be a directory).
	// If CollectOutputPath is specified, but CollectOutput is not, the subprocess
	// will be instructed to dump the result to this path, but we won't attempt to
	// parse or validate it in any way, and Wait will return a nil `output`.
	CollectOutputPath string

	// A replacement environment for the Options.
	// If this is not specified, the current process's environment is inherited.
	// The following environment variables will be ignored from this `Env`:
	Env environ.Env

Options represents settings to use when Start'ing a luciexe.

All values here have defaults, so Start can accept `nil`.

type Subprocess

type Subprocess struct {
	Step *bbpb.Step
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Subprocess represents a running luciexe.

func Start

func Start(ctx context.Context, luciexeArgs []string, input *bbpb.Build, opts *Options) (*Subprocess, error)

Start launches a binary implementing the luciexe protocol and returns immediately with a *Subprocess.


  • ctx will be used for deadlines/cancellation of the started luciexe.
  • luciexeArgs[0] must be the full absolute path to the luciexe binary.
  • input must be the Build message you wish to pass to the luciexe binary.
  • opts is optional (may be nil to take all defaults)

Callers MUST call Wait and/or cancel the context or this will leak handles for the process' stdout/stderr.

This assumes that the current process is already operating within a "host application" environment. See "" for details.

The caller SHOULD immediately take Subprocess.Step, append it to the current Build state, and send that (e.g. using `exe.BuildSender`). Otherwise this luciexe's steps will not show up in the Build.

func (*Subprocess) Wait

func (s *Subprocess) Wait() (finalBuild *bbpb.Build, err error)

Wait waits for the subprocess to terminate.

If Options.CollectOutput (default: false) was specified, this will return the final Build message, as reported by the luciexe.

In all cases, finalBuild.StatusDetails will indicate if this Subprocess instructed the luciexe to stop via timeout from deadlineEvtCh passed to Start.

If you wish to cancel the subprocess (e.g. due to a timeout or deadline), make sure to pass a cancelable/deadline context to Start().

Calling this multiple times is OK; it will return the same values every time.

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