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func GetLogsForContainerInPod

func GetLogsForContainerInPod(ctx context.Context, pod *v1.Pod, index uint32, nameSuffix string) ([]*core.TaskLog, error)


func InitializeLogPlugins added in v0.5.22

func InitializeLogPlugins(cfg *LogConfig) (tasklog.Plugin, error)


func SetLogConfig

func SetLogConfig(logConfig *LogConfig) error

This method should be used for unit testing only


type LogConfig

type LogConfig struct {
	IsCloudwatchEnabled bool `json:"cloudwatch-enabled" pflag:",Enable Cloudwatch Logging"`
	// Deprecated: Please use CloudwatchTemplateURI
	CloudwatchRegion string `json:"cloudwatch-region" pflag:",AWS region in which Cloudwatch logs are stored."`
	// Deprecated: Please use CloudwatchTemplateURI
	CloudwatchLogGroup    string      `json:"cloudwatch-log-group" pflag:",Log group to which streams are associated."`
	CloudwatchTemplateURI TemplateURI `json:"cloudwatch-template-uri" pflag:",Template Uri to use when building cloudwatch log links"`

	IsKubernetesEnabled bool `json:"kubernetes-enabled" pflag:",Enable Kubernetes Logging"`
	// Deprecated: Please use KubernetesTemplateURI
	KubernetesURL         string      `json:"kubernetes-url" pflag:",Console URL for Kubernetes logs"`
	KubernetesTemplateURI TemplateURI `json:"kubernetes-template-uri" pflag:",Template Uri to use when building kubernetes log links"`

	IsStackDriverEnabled bool `json:"stackdriver-enabled" pflag:",Enable Log-links to stackdriver"`
	// Deprecated: Please use StackDriverTemplateURI
	GCPProjectName string `json:"gcp-project" pflag:",Name of the project in GCP"`
	// Deprecated: Please use StackDriverTemplateURI
	StackdriverLogResourceName string      `json:"stackdriver-logresourcename" pflag:",Name of the logresource in stackdriver"`
	StackDriverTemplateURI     TemplateURI `json:"stackdriver-template-uri" pflag:",Template Uri to use when building stackdriver log links"`

	Templates []TemplateLogPluginConfig `json:"templates" pflag:"-,"`

Log plugins configs

func GetLogConfig

func GetLogConfig() *LogConfig

func (LogConfig) GetPFlagSet

func (cfg LogConfig) GetPFlagSet(prefix string) *pflag.FlagSet

GetPFlagSet will return strongly types pflags for all fields in LogConfig and its nested types. The format of the flags is json-name.json-sub-name... etc.

type TemplateLogPluginConfig added in v0.5.22

type TemplateLogPluginConfig struct {
	DisplayName   string                     `json:"displayName" pflag:",Display name for the generated log when displayed in the console."`
	TemplateURIs  []TemplateURI              `json:"templateUris" pflag:",URI Templates for generating task log links."`
	MessageFormat core.TaskLog_MessageFormat `json:"messageFormat" pflag:",Log Message Format."`

type TemplateURI added in v0.5.22

type TemplateURI = string

A URI that accepts templates. See: go/tasks/pluginmachinery/tasklog/template.go for available templates.

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