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const Interrupted = "Interrupted"
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const OOMKilled = "OOMKilled"
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const PodKind = "pod"
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const ResourceNvidiaGPU = ""

ResourceNvidiaGPU is the name of the Nvidia GPU resource. Copied from:

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const SIGKILL = 137


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func AddCoPilotToContainer added in v0.3.35

func AddCoPilotToContainer(ctx context.Context, cfg config.FlyteCoPilotConfig, c *v1.Container, iFace *core.TypedInterface, pilot *core.DataLoadingConfig) error

func AddCoPilotToPod added in v0.3.35

func AddCoPilotToPod(ctx context.Context, cfg config.FlyteCoPilotConfig, coPilotPod *v1.PodSpec, iFace *core.TypedInterface, taskExecMetadata core2.TaskExecutionMetadata, inputPaths io.InputFilePaths, outputPaths io.OutputFilePaths, pilot *core.DataLoadingConfig) error

func ApplyResourceOverrides

func ApplyResourceOverrides(ctx context.Context, resources v1.ResourceRequirements) *v1.ResourceRequirements

func BuildIdentityPod

func BuildIdentityPod() *v1.Pod

func BuildPodWithSpec

func BuildPodWithSpec(podSpec *v1.PodSpec) *v1.Pod

func CalculateStorageSize added in v0.3.35

func CalculateStorageSize(requirements *v1.ResourceRequirements) *resource.Quantity

func ConvertPodFailureToError

func ConvertPodFailureToError(status v1.PodStatus) (code, message string)

func DataVolume added in v0.3.35

func DataVolume(name string, size *resource.Quantity) v1.Volume

func DecorateEnvVars

func DecorateEnvVars(ctx context.Context, envVars []v1.EnvVar, id pluginsCore.TaskExecutionID) []v1.EnvVar

func DemystifyPending

func DemystifyPending(status v1.PodStatus) (pluginsCore.PhaseInfo, error)

Important considerations. Pending Status in Pod could be for various reasons and sometimes could signal a problem Case I: Pending because the Image pull is failing and it is backing off

This could be transient. So we can actually rely on the failure reason.
The failure transitions from ErrImagePull -> ImagePullBackoff

Case II: Not enough resources are available. This is tricky. It could be that the total number of

resources requested is beyond the capability of the system. for this we will rely on configuration
and hence input gates. We should not allow bad requests that request for large number of resource through.
In the case it makes through, we will fail after timeout

func DemystifySuccess added in v0.3.0

func DemystifySuccess(status v1.PodStatus, info pluginsCore.TaskInfo) (pluginsCore.PhaseInfo, error)

func DownloadCommandArgs added in v0.3.35

func DownloadCommandArgs(fromInputsPath, outputPrefix storage.DataReference, toLocalPath string, format core.DataLoadingConfig_LiteralMapFormat, inputInterface *core.VariableMap) ([]string, error)

func FlyteCoPilotContainer added in v0.3.35

func FlyteCoPilotContainer(name string, cfg config.FlyteCoPilotConfig, args []string, volumeMounts ...v1.VolumeMount) (v1.Container, error)

func GetContextEnvVars

func GetContextEnvVars(ownerCtx context.Context) []v1.EnvVar

func GetExecutionEnvVars

func GetExecutionEnvVars(id pluginsCore.TaskExecutionID) []v1.EnvVar

func GetLastTransitionOccurredAt

func GetLastTransitionOccurredAt(pod *v1.Pod) v12.Time

func GetPodTolerations added in v0.3.12

func GetPodTolerations(interruptible bool, resourceRequirements ...v1.ResourceRequirements) []v1.Toleration

func SidecarCommandArgs added in v0.3.35

func SidecarCommandArgs(fromLocalPath string, outputPrefix, rawOutputPath storage.DataReference, startTimeout time.Duration, iface *core.TypedInterface) ([]string, error)

func ToK8sContainer

func ToK8sContainer(ctx context.Context, taskExecutionMetadata pluginsCore.TaskExecutionMetadata, taskContainer *core.Container, iFace *core.TypedInterface,
	inputReader io.InputReader, outputPaths io.OutputFilePaths) (*v1.Container, error)

Returns a K8s Container for the execution

func ToK8sEnvVar

func ToK8sEnvVar(env []*core.KeyValuePair) []v1.EnvVar

func ToK8sPodSpec

func ToK8sPodSpec(ctx context.Context, taskExecutionMetadata pluginsCore.TaskExecutionMetadata, taskReader pluginsCore.TaskReader,
	inputs io.InputReader, outputPaths io.OutputFilePaths) (*v1.PodSpec, error)

func UpdatePod added in v0.5.10

func UpdatePod(taskExecutionMetadata pluginsCore.TaskExecutionMetadata,
	resourceRequirements []v1.ResourceRequirements, podSpec *v1.PodSpec)

Updates the base pod spec used to execute tasks. This is configured with plugins and task metadata-specific options


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Path Synopsis
This package contains configuration for the flytek8s module.
This package contains configuration for the flytek8s module.

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