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func Contains

func Contains(s []string, e string) bool

func CopyMap

func CopyMap(o map[string]string) (r map[string]string)

func MakeBinaryLiteral added in v0.3.35

func MakeBinaryLiteral(v []byte) *core.Literal

func MakeDefaultLiteralForType added in v0.3.35

func MakeDefaultLiteralForType(typ *core.LiteralType) (*core.Literal, error)

func MakeGenericLiteral added in v0.3.35

func MakeGenericLiteral(v *structpb.Struct) *core.Literal

func MakeLiteral added in v0.3.35

func MakeLiteral(v interface{}) (*core.Literal, error)

func MakeLiteralForBlob added in v0.3.35

func MakeLiteralForBlob(path storage.DataReference, isDir bool, format string) *core.Literal

func MakeLiteralForCollection added in v0.3.35

func MakeLiteralForCollection(v []interface{}) (*core.Literal, error)

func MakeLiteralForMap added in v0.3.35

func MakeLiteralForMap(v map[string]interface{}) (*core.Literal, error)

func MakeLiteralForSimpleType added in v0.3.35

func MakeLiteralForSimpleType(t core.SimpleType, s string) (*core.Literal, error)

func MakeLiteralMap added in v0.3.35

func MakeLiteralMap(v map[string]interface{}) (*core.LiteralMap, error)

func MakePrimitive added in v0.3.35

func MakePrimitive(v interface{}) (*core.Primitive, error)

func MakePrimitiveForType added in v0.3.35

func MakePrimitiveForType(t core.SimpleType, s string) (*core.Primitive, error)

func MakePrimitiveLiteral added in v0.3.35

func MakePrimitiveLiteral(v interface{}) (*core.Literal, error)

func MarshalObjToStruct

func MarshalObjToStruct(input interface{}) (*structpb.Struct, error)

TODO: Use the stdlib version in the future, or move there if not there. Don't use this if input is a proto Message.

func MarshalStruct

func MarshalStruct(in proto.Message, out *structpb.Struct) error

func MarshalToString

func MarshalToString(msg proto.Message) (string, error)

func MustMakeDefaultLiteralForType added in v0.3.35

func MustMakeDefaultLiteralForType(typ *core.LiteralType) *core.Literal

func MustMakeLiteral added in v0.3.35

func MustMakeLiteral(v interface{}) *core.Literal

func MustMakePrimitive added in v0.3.35

func MustMakePrimitive(v interface{}) *core.Primitive

func MustMakePrimitiveLiteral added in v0.3.35

func MustMakePrimitiveLiteral(v interface{}) *core.Literal

func UnionMaps

func UnionMaps(maps ...map[string]string) map[string]string

This function unions a list of maps (each can be nil or populated) by allocating a new map. Conflicting keys will always defer to the later input map's corresponding value.

func UnmarshalStruct

func UnmarshalStruct(structObj *structpb.Struct, msg proto.Message) error


type ErrorCollection added in v0.3.28

type ErrorCollection struct {
	Errors []error

func (ErrorCollection) Error added in v0.3.28

func (e ErrorCollection) Error() string

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