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const (
	ErrorWorkQueue        errors.ErrorCode = "CATALOG_READER_QUEUE_FAILED"
	ErrorInternalMismatch errors.ErrorCode = "ARRAY_MISMATCH"
	ErrorK8sArrayGeneric  errors.ErrorCode = "ARRAY_JOB_GENERIC_FAILURE"


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func CalculateOriginalIndex

func CalculateOriginalIndex(childIdx int, toCache *bitarray.BitSet) int

Compute the original index of a sub-task.

func GetPhaseVersionOffset

func GetPhaseVersionOffset(currentPhase Phase, length int64) uint32

func InvertBitSet

func InvertBitSet(input *bitarray.BitSet, limit uint) *bitarray.BitSet

func MapArrayStateToPluginPhase

func MapArrayStateToPluginPhase(_ context.Context, state *State, logLinks []*idlCore.TaskLog) (core.PhaseInfo, error)

Any state of the plugin needs to map to a core.PhaseInfo (which in turn will map to Admin events) so that the rest of the Flyte platform can understand what's happening. That is, each possible state that our plugin state machine returns should map to a unique (core.Phase, core.PhaseInfo.version). Info fields will always be nil, because we're going to send log links individually. This simplifies our state handling as we don't have to keep an ever growing list of log links (our batch jobs can be 5000 sub-tasks, keeping all the log links takes up a lot of space).

func NewPhasesCompactArray

func NewPhasesCompactArray(count uint) bitarray.CompactArray

func ToArrayJob

func ToArrayJob(structObj *structpb.Struct) (*idlPlugins.ArrayJob, error)


type Phase

type Phase uint8
const (
	PhaseStart Phase = iota

func PhaseString

func PhaseString(s string) (Phase, error)

PhaseString retrieves an enum value from the enum constants string name. Throws an error if the param is not part of the enum.

func PhaseValues

func PhaseValues() []Phase

PhaseValues returns all values of the enum

func SummaryToPhase

func SummaryToPhase(ctx context.Context, minSuccesses int64, summary arraystatus.ArraySummary) Phase

func (Phase) IsAPhase

func (i Phase) IsAPhase() bool

IsAPhase returns "true" if the value is listed in the enum definition. "false" otherwise

func (Phase) String

func (i Phase) String() string

type State

type State struct {
	CurrentPhase         Phase                   `json:"phase"`
	PhaseVersion         uint32                  `json:"phaseVersion"`
	Reason               string                  `json:"reason"`
	ExecutionErr         *idlCore.ExecutionError `json:"err"`
	ExecutionArraySize   int                     `json:"arraySize"`
	OriginalArraySize    int64                   `json:"originalArraySize"`
	ArrayStatus          arraystatus.ArrayStatus `json:"arrayStatus"`
	OriginalMinSuccesses int64                   `json:"minSuccess"`

	// Which sub-tasks to cache, (using the original index, that is, the length is ArrayJob.size)
	IndexesToCache *bitarray.BitSet `json:"indexesToCache"`

func (State) GetArrayStatus

func (s State) GetArrayStatus() arraystatus.ArrayStatus

func (State) GetExecutionArraySize

func (s State) GetExecutionArraySize() int

func (*State) GetExecutionErr

func (s *State) GetExecutionErr() *idlCore.ExecutionError

func (*State) GetIndexesToCache

func (s *State) GetIndexesToCache() *bitarray.BitSet

func (*State) GetOriginalArraySize

func (s *State) GetOriginalArraySize() int64

func (*State) GetOriginalMinSuccesses

func (s *State) GetOriginalMinSuccesses() int64

func (State) GetPhase

func (s State) GetPhase() (phase Phase, version uint32)

func (State) GetReason

func (s State) GetReason() string

func (*State) SetArrayStatus

func (s *State) SetArrayStatus(state arraystatus.ArrayStatus) *State

func (*State) SetExecutionArraySize

func (s *State) SetExecutionArraySize(size int) *State

func (*State) SetExecutionErr

func (s *State) SetExecutionErr(err *idlCore.ExecutionError) *State

func (*State) SetIndexesToCache

func (s *State) SetIndexesToCache(set *bitarray.BitSet) *State

func (*State) SetOriginalArraySize

func (s *State) SetOriginalArraySize(size int64) *State

func (*State) SetOriginalMinSuccesses

func (s *State) SetOriginalMinSuccesses(size int64) *State

func (*State) SetPhase

func (s *State) SetPhase(phase Phase, phaseVersion uint32) *State

func (*State) SetReason

func (s *State) SetReason(reason string) *State

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