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const (
	DefaultChunkKeyPrefix    = "chunk/"
	DefaultChunkFreezedAfter = time.Minute * 3
	DefaultChunkChunkMaxSize = 1280 * 1024 * 1024
	DefaultChunkChunkMinSize = 1000 * 1024 * 1024


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type ChunkService

type ChunkService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ChunkService) DeleteChunk

func (x *ChunkService) DeleteChunk(chunk *models.Chunk) (*models.Chunk, error)

func (*ChunkService) FreezeChunk

func (x *ChunkService) FreezeChunk(chunk *models.Chunk) (*models.Chunk, error)

func (*ChunkService) GetMergableChunks

func (x *ChunkService) GetMergableChunks(schema string, now time.Time) ([]*models.Chunk, error)

func (*ChunkService) GetWritableChunks

func (x *ChunkService) GetWritableChunks(schema, partition string, objSize int64) ([]*models.Chunk, error)

func (*ChunkService) IsMergableChunk

func (x *ChunkService) IsMergableChunk(chunk *models.Chunk, ts time.Time) bool

func (*ChunkService) PutChunk

func (x *ChunkService) PutChunk(recordID string, size int64, schema, partition string, now time.Time) error

func (*ChunkService) UpdateChunk

func (x *ChunkService) UpdateChunk(chunk *models.Chunk, recordID string, objSize int64) error

type ChunkServiceArguments

type ChunkServiceArguments struct {
	FreezedAfter time.Duration
	ChunkMaxSize int64
	ChunkMinSize int64

type MetaService

type MetaService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    MetaService is accessor of MetaRepository

    func NewMetaService

    func NewMetaService(repo repository.MetaRepository, newTimer util.RetryTimerFactory) *MetaService

      NewMetaService is constructor of MetaService

      func (*MetaService) GetObjectID

      func (x *MetaService) GetObjectID(s3Bucket, s3Key string) (int64, error)

        GetObjectID provides objectID that is unique ID for S3 object

        func (*MetaService) GetObjects

        func (x *MetaService) GetObjects(targetRecordIDs []string, schema models.ParquetSchemaName) ([]*models.S3Object, error)

          GetObjects retrieves set of MetaRecordObject and converts them to []*models.S3Object

          func (*MetaService) HeadPartition

          func (x *MetaService) HeadPartition(partitionKey string) (bool, error)

            HeadPartition checks an existance of partition and cache the result.

            func (*MetaService) PutObjects

            func (x *MetaService) PutObjects(items []*repository.MetaRecordObject) error

              PutObjects puts set of MetaRecordObject

              func (*MetaService) PutPartition

              func (x *MetaService) PutPartition(partitionKey string) error

                PutPartition register an existance of partition and cache the result.

                type RecordService

                type RecordService struct {
                	ObjectSizeLimit int64
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                func NewRecordService

                func NewRecordService(newS3 adaptor.S3ClientFactory, newEncoder adaptor.EncoderFactory, newDecoder adaptor.DecoderFactory) *RecordService

                func (*RecordService) Close

                func (x *RecordService) Close() error

                func (*RecordService) Dump

                func (x *RecordService) Dump(q *models.LogQueue, objectID int64, dstBase *models.S3Object) error

                func (*RecordService) Load

                func (x *RecordService) Load(src *models.S3Object, schema models.ParquetSchemaName, ch chan *models.RecordQueue) error

                func (*RecordService) RawObjects

                func (x *RecordService) RawObjects() []*models.RawObject

                type S3Service

                type S3Service struct {
                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  S3Service is accessor to S3

                  func NewS3Service

                  func NewS3Service(newS3 adaptor.S3ClientFactory) *S3Service

                    NewS3Service is constructor of

                    func (*S3Service) AsyncDownload

                    func (x *S3Service) AsyncDownload(src models.S3Object) (io.ReadCloser, error)

                      AsyncDownload is for downloading data via io.ReadCloser

                      func (*S3Service) AsyncUpload

                      func (x *S3Service) AsyncUpload(body io.Reader, dst models.S3Object, encoding string) error

                        AsyncUpload is for uploading object by io.Reader.

                        func (*S3Service) DeleteS3Objects

                        func (x *S3Service) DeleteS3Objects(objects []*models.S3Object) error

                          DeleteS3Objects is warpper of s3.DeleteObjects

                          func (*S3Service) DownloadS3Object

                          func (x *S3Service) DownloadS3Object(obj models.S3Object) (*string, error)

                            DownloadS3Object downloads a specified remote object from S3

                            func (*S3Service) HeadObject

                            func (x *S3Service) HeadObject(obj models.S3Object) (bool, error)

                              HeadObject checks object existance. If HeadObject got awserr, return false, nil anyway.

                              func (*S3Service) UploadFileToS3

                              func (x *S3Service) UploadFileToS3(filePath string, dst models.S3Object) error

                                UploadFileToS3 upload a specified local file to S3

                                type SQSService

                                type SQSService struct {
                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                  SQSService is accessor to SQS

                                  func NewSQSService

                                  func NewSQSService(newSQS adaptor.SQSClientFactory) *SQSService

                                    NewSQSService is constructor of

                                    func (*SQSService) DeleteMessage

                                    func (x *SQSService) DeleteMessage(url string, receipt string) error

                                      DeleteMessage is wrapper of sqs:DeleteMessage

                                      func (*SQSService) ReceiveMessage

                                      func (x *SQSService) ReceiveMessage(url string, timeout int64, msg interface{}) (*string, error)

                                        ReceiveMessage is wrapper of sqs:ReceiveMessage

                                        func (*SQSService) SendSQS

                                        func (x *SQSService) SendSQS(msg interface{}, url string) error

                                          SendSQS is wrapper of sqs:SendMessage of AWS