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Package source identifies the source of query requests.



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func FromContext

func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (interface{}, bool)

FromContext extracts the typed source, or false if it doesn't exist.

func NewContext

func NewContext(ctx context.Context, source []byte, deserialize Deserializer) (context.Context, error)

NewContext returns a new context with the source bytes as a value if the source is non-nil. If a non-nil deserializer is provided an additional typed value is added for easier use.

func RawFromContext

func RawFromContext(ctx context.Context) ([]byte, bool)

RawFromContext extracts the raw bytes of the source, or false if it doesn't exist. This is used by middleware to propagate the source across API boundaries. Application code should use FromContext.


type Deserializer

type Deserializer func([]byte) (interface{}, error)

Deserializer deserializes the raw source bytes into a type for easier use. The raw source can be nil and the Deserializer can return a typed empty value for the application.

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