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func CheckSeq

func CheckSeq(funcs ...TTestFn) bool

CheckSeq -

func IsDiggit

func IsDiggit(r rune) bool

IsDiggit - check rune is diggit

func IsEnglishLetter

func IsEnglishLetter(r rune) bool

IsEnglishLetter - asdfasdf


type TParser

type TParser struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TParser -

func NewParser

func NewParser(s string) *TParser

NewParser -

func (*TParser) Accept

func (o *TParser) Accept(tagid TTagType, funcs ...TTestFn) bool

Accept -

func (*TParser) Check

func (o *TParser) Check(s string) TTestFn

Check -

func (*TParser) Emit

func (o *TParser) Emit(tid TTagType)

Emit -

func (*TParser) Is

func (o *TParser) Is(s string) TTestFn

Is -

func (*TParser) IsDiggit

func (o *TParser) IsDiggit() TTestFn

IsDiggit -

func (*TParser) IsEndOfTag

func (o *TParser) IsEndOfTag() bool

IsEndOfTag -

func (*TParser) IsLetter

func (o *TParser) IsLetter() TTestFn

IsLetter -

func (*TParser) MustIs

func (o *TParser) MustIs(s string) TTestFn

MustIs - must compare all rune

func (*TParser) OrAccept

func (o *TParser) OrAccept(funcs ...TTestFn) TTestFn

OrAccept - accept if any fn true

func (*TParser) ParseUnknown

func (o *TParser) ParseUnknown()

ParseUnknown -

func (*TParser) Result

func (o *TParser) Result() []TTag

Result -

func (*TParser) SubAccept

func (o *TParser) SubAccept(funcs ...TTestFn) TTestFn

SubAccept - accept if all fn true

func (*TParser) WhileNot

func (o *TParser) WhileNot(s string) TTestFn

WhileNot -

func (*TParser) WhileNotSeparator

func (o *TParser) WhileNotSeparator() TTestFn

WhileNotSeparator -

type TTag

type TTag struct {
	Type  TTagType
	Value string

TTag -

func Parse

func Parse(s string) []TTag

Parse -

type TTagType

type TTagType int

TTagType -

func (TTagType) String

func (o TTagType) String() string

type TTestFn

type TTestFn func() bool

TTestFn -

type Tagname

type Tagname struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Tagname - struct tagname


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