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type TRect

type TRect struct {
	X, Y int
	W, H int

TRect -

func NewEmptyRect

func NewEmptyRect() *TRect

NewEmptyRect -

func NewRect

func NewRect(x, y, w, h int) *TRect

NewRect -

func (*TRect) Bounds

func (o *TRect) Bounds() (x, y, w, h int)

Bounds -

func (*TRect) Contains

func (o *TRect) Contains(x, y int) bool

Contains -

func (*TRect) Copy

func (o *TRect) Copy() *TRect

Copy -

func (*TRect) Empty

func (o *TRect) Empty() bool

Empty - reports whether a rectangle has no area

func (*TRect) Equals

func (o *TRect) Equals(b *TRect) bool

Equals - reports whether two rectangles are equal

func (*TRect) Grow

func (o *TRect) Grow(n int)

Grow -

func (*TRect) Intersect

func (o *TRect) Intersect(b *TRect) bool

Intersect calculates the intersection of two rectangles.

func (*TRect) Move

func (o *TRect) Move(dx, dy int)

Move -

func (*TRect) Pos

func (o *TRect) Pos() (int, int)

Pos -

func (*TRect) SetBounds

func (o *TRect) SetBounds(x, y, w, h int)

SetBounds -

func (*TRect) SetPos

func (o *TRect) SetPos(x, y int) *TRect

SetPos -

func (*TRect) SetSize

func (o *TRect) SetSize(w, h int)

SetSize -

func (*TRect) Shrink

func (o *TRect) Shrink(n int)

Shrink -

type TVector

type TVector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TVector -

func New

func New() *TVector

New -

func (*TVector) At

func (o *TVector) At(i int) (interface{}, error)

At -

func (*TVector) Back

func (o *TVector) Back() (interface{}, error)

Back -

func (*TVector) Clear

func (o *TVector) Clear()

Clear -

func (*TVector) Data

func (o *TVector) Data() []interface{}

Data -

func (*TVector) Front

func (o *TVector) Front() (interface{}, error)

Front -

func (*TVector) IndexOf

func (o *TVector) IndexOf(item interface{}) int

IndexOf -

func (*TVector) Insert

func (o *TVector) Insert(i int, item interface{}) error

Insert -

func (*TVector) Len

func (o *TVector) Len() int

Len -

func (*TVector) PopBack

func (o *TVector) PopBack() (interface{}, error)

PopBack -

func (*TVector) PopFront

func (o *TVector) PopFront() (interface{}, error)

PopFront -

func (*TVector) PushBack

func (o *TVector) PushBack(item interface{})

PushBack -

func (*TVector) PushFront

func (o *TVector) PushFront(item interface{})

PushFront -

func (*TVector) Remove

func (o *TVector) Remove(i int) (interface{}, error)

Remove -

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