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const MagefilesDirName = "magefiles"

MagefilesDirName is the name of the default folder to look for if no directory was specified, if this folder exists it will be assumed mage package lives inside it.


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func Compile

func Compile(goos, goarch, ldflags, magePath, goCmd, compileTo string, gofiles []string, isDebug bool, stderr, stdout io.Writer) error

Compile uses the go tool to compile the files into an executable at path.

func ExeName

func ExeName(goCmd, cacheDir string, files []string) (string, error)

ExeName reports the executable filename that this version of Mage would create for the given magefiles.

func GenerateMainfile

func GenerateMainfile(binaryName, path string, info *parse.PkgInfo) error

GenerateMainfile generates the mage mainfile at path.

func Invoke

func Invoke(inv Invocation) int

Invoke runs Mage with the given arguments.

func Magefiles

func Magefiles(magePath, goos, goarch, goCmd string, stderr io.Writer, isMagefilesDirectory, isDebug bool) ([]string, error)

Magefiles returns the list of magefiles in dir.

func Main

func Main() int

Main is the entrypoint for running mage. It exists external to mage's main function to allow it to be used from other programs, specifically so you can go run a simple file that run's mage's Main.

func Parse

func Parse(stderr, stdout io.Writer, args []string) (inv Invocation, cmd Command, err error)

Parse parses the given args and returns structured data. If parse returns flag.ErrHelp, the calling process should exit with code 0.

func ParseAndRun

func ParseAndRun(stdout, stderr io.Writer, stdin io.Reader, args []string) int

ParseAndRun parses the command line, and then compiles and runs the mage files in the given directory with the given args (do not include the command name in the args).

func RunCompiled

func RunCompiled(inv Invocation, exePath string, errlog *log.Logger) int

RunCompiled runs an already-compiled mage command with the given args,


type Command added in v1.2.4

type Command int

Command tracks invocations of mage that run without targets or other flags.

const (
	None          Command = iota
	Version               // report the current version of mage
	Init                  // create a starting template for mage
	Clean                 // clean out old compiled mage binaries from the cache
	CompileStatic         // compile a static binary of the current directory

The various command types

func (Command) String added in v1.2.4

func (i Command) String() string

type Invocation

type Invocation struct {
	Debug      bool          // turn on debug messages
	Dir        string        // directory to read magefiles from
	WorkDir    string        // directory where magefiles will run
	Force      bool          // forces recreation of the compiled binary
	Verbose    bool          // tells the magefile to print out log statements
	List       bool          // tells the magefile to print out a list of targets
	Help       bool          // tells the magefile to print out help for a specific target
	Keep       bool          // tells mage to keep the generated main file after compiling
	Timeout    time.Duration // tells mage to set a timeout to running the targets
	CompileOut string        // tells mage to compile a static binary to this path, but not execute
	GOOS       string        // sets the GOOS when producing a binary with -compileout
	GOARCH     string        // sets the GOARCH when producing a binary with -compileout
	Ldflags    string        // sets the ldflags when producing a binary with -compileout
	Stdout     io.Writer     // writer to write stdout messages to
	Stderr     io.Writer     // writer to write stderr messages to
	Stdin      io.Reader     // reader to read stdin from
	Args       []string      // args to pass to the compiled binary
	GoCmd      string        // the go binary command to run
	CacheDir   string        // the directory where we should store compiled binaries
	HashFast   bool          // don't rely on GOCACHE, just hash the magefiles

Invocation contains the args for invoking a run of Mage.

func (Invocation) UsesMagefiles added in v1.13.0

func (i Invocation) UsesMagefiles() bool

UsesMagefiles returns true if we are getting our mage files from a magefiles directory.

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