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This is a simple scrapper package to fetch lyrics data from the Wikia website.


go get github.com/mamal72/golyrics


package main

import "github.com/mamal72/golyrics"

func main() {
    // Get track suggestions by searching
    suggestions, err := golyrics.SearchTrack("Blackfield Some Day") // []Track, error
    // OR
    suggestions, err := golyrics.SearchTrackByArtistAndName("Blackfield", "Some Day") // []Track, error

    // Let's check results
    if err != nil || len(suggestions) == 0 {
        // No lyrics found for this track :(
        // Try some other keywords or show some error to user

    // Assign first result to the track
    track := suggestions[0] // Track

    // Now fetch the lyrics and set it back on the track    
    err := track.FetchLyrics() // error
    if err != nil {
        // Error fetching lyrics for the track
    fmt.Printf("Lyrics of %s by %s: %s", track.Name, track.Artist, track.Lyrics)


go test

Ideas || Issues

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You can fork the repository, improve or fix some part of it and then send the pull requests back if you want to see them here. I really appreciate that. ❤️

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type Track

type Track struct {
	Artist string
	Name   string
	Lyrics string

Track is a music track containing Artist, Name and Lyrics.

func SearchTrack

func SearchTrack(query string) ([]Track, error)

SearchTrack searches for tracks using a string query that can be part of the track name or artist.

func SearchTrackByArtistAndName

func SearchTrackByArtistAndName(artist string, name string) ([]Track, error)

SearchTrackByArtistAndName searches for tracks using artist and name of the track.

func (*Track) FetchLyrics

func (track *Track) FetchLyrics() error

FetchLyrics fetches the lyrics of a Track and sets it on that track.

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