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Published: Oct 21, 2019 License: MIT


Go web application boilerplate

This is a structre for a go web application, inspired by project-layout. Please feel free to open issues or pull request to improve this boilerplate.

Use make init to install githooks and download dependencies.

The default http router is gorilla mux.

The logging framework is Zap and can be replaced in /pkg/infra/logger.go.

Central folder structure

folder description
/api OpenAPI/Swagger specs, JSON schema files, protocol definition files.
/cmd Main applications for this project.
/config Configuration file templates or default configs.
/pkg Library code. More information inside this folder.
/scripts Scripts to perform various build, install, analysis, etc operations.
/test Additional external test apps and test data.
/vendor Application dependencies.
/web Web application specific components: static web assets, server side templates and SPAs.


Path Synopsis

Jump to

Keyboard shortcuts

? : This menu
/ : Search site
f or F : Jump to
y or Y : Canonical URL