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SkillDirectory is a REST API written in Go. Our current line of thought regarding this project is that it will be used to store information about our dev team: teammembers, skills they have, web links for improving one's knowledge of a subject, etc... Since SkillDirectory is a REST API, from the point of view of a client, all of this information is created, updated, deleted, and otherwise modified via HTTP requests to a server running an instance of SkillDirectory. The server itself stores this data in a Cassandra database (though this is irrelevant to clients).

We are working on a frontend client using ReactJS.

Running SkillDirectory

1) Make sure Golang is installed, and your GOPATH is set (see

2) Install glide by running brew install glide (You'll need to have Homebrew installed to do that).

3) Clone the repo onto your machine:

cd $GOPATH/src # MUST clone into this specific directory!
git clone

4) Install/download the dependencies:

cd $GOPATH/src/skilldirectory
glide install

5) Run ./make to start the API server locally on port 8080 (see for more info on the make file).

Note: This repository only contains the REST API layer, and does not contain the database that it depends upon. Please make sure you have the Cassandra database from skilldirectoryinfra running, and listening on port 9042, or the API will not be able to do anything.

Please also read the REST Requests wiki page to learn how to interact with SkillDirectory once you've got it running.


Please explore the project Wiki for more information.


Below is a listing of all endpoints supported by the API:

  • /links
  • /skillreviews
  • /skills
  • /teammembers
  • /tmskills
  • /skillicons


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