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Published: Dec 17, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 26 Imported by: 0



Simple tool for simple debugging.

We try to accept both hex and base64 formats and provide a useful response.

Note we often encode bytes as hex in the logs, but as base64 in the JSON.


The following give the same result:

gaiadebug pubkey TZTQnfqOsi89SeoXVnIw+tnFJnr4X8qVC0U8AsEmFk4=
gaiadebug pubkey 4D94D09DFA8EB22F3D49EA17567230FAD9C5267AF85FCA950B453C02C126164E


Pass in a hex/base64 tx and get back the full JSON

gaiadebug tx <hex or base64 transaction>


This is a command with boilerplate for using Go as a scripting language to hack on an existing Gaia state.

Currently we have an example for the state of gaia-6001 after it crashed. If you run gaiadebug hack $HOME/.gaiad on that state, it will do a binary search on the state history to find when the state invariant was violated.


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