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type TEC

type TEC struct {
	Z, G, A float64

TEC topologic elevation model cell

func (*TEC) New

func (t *TEC) New(z, g, a float64)

New constructor

type TEM

type TEM struct {
	TEC  map[int]TEC
	USlp map[int][]int

TEM topologic elevation model

func LoadGob

func LoadGob(fp string) (TEM, error)

LoadGob TEM gob

func NewTEM

func NewTEM(fp string) (*TEM, error)

NewTEM loads TEM

func (*TEM) BuildUpslopes

func (t *TEM) BuildUpslopes(ds map[int]int)

BuildUpslopes re-builds upslope mapping

func (*TEM) ContributingAreaIDs

func (t *TEM) ContributingAreaIDs(cid0 int) []int

ContributingAreaIDs returns a list of upslope cell IDs that make up the contributing area to cid0

func (*TEM) ContributingCellMap

func (t *TEM) ContributingCellMap(cid0 int) map[int]int

ContributingCellMap returns a map of upslope TEC count for every TEC in TEM

func (*TEM) DownslopeContributingAreaIDs

func (t *TEM) DownslopeContributingAreaIDs(cid0 int) ([]int, map[int]int)

DownslopeContributingAreaIDs returns a list of upslope cell IDs that make up the contributing area to cid0, yet ordered in the downslope (topologically-safe) direction. cid0 < 0 returns entire TEM

func (*TEM) New

func (t *TEM) New(fp string) error

New constructor

func (*TEM) NumCells

func (t *TEM) NumCells() int

NumCells number of cells that make up the TEM

func (*TEM) Outlets

func (t *TEM) Outlets() []int

Outlets returns cells that flow to farfield

func (*TEM) Peaks

func (t *TEM) Peaks(cid0 int) []int

Peaks returns list of peak cell IDs (cells that do not receive cascading runon) cascading to cellID cid0. cid0<0 returns all peaks.

func (*TEM) SaveGob

func (t *TEM) SaveGob(fp string) error

SaveGob TEM to gob

func (*TEM) SaveUHDEM

func (t *TEM) SaveUHDEM(fp string) error

func (*TEM) SubSet

func (t *TEM) SubSet(fromid int) TEM

SubSet returns a subset topologic elevation model from a given outlet cell

func (*TEM) UnitContributingArea

func (t *TEM) UnitContributingArea(cid int) int

UnitContributingArea computes the (unit) contributing area (count) to a given cell id

func (*TEM) UpCnt

func (t *TEM) UpCnt(cid int) int

UpCnt returns a list of upslope cell IDs

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