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const (
	// StoreKey is the string store key for the param store
	StoreKey = "params"

	// TStoreKey is the string store key for the param transient store
	TStoreKey = "transient_params"
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const (
	TestParamStore = "ParamsTest"

Keys for parameter access


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type KeyTable

type KeyTable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KeyTable subspaces appropriate type for each parameter key

func NewKeyTable

func NewKeyTable(keytypes ...interface{}) (res KeyTable)

Constructs new table

func (KeyTable) RegisterParamSet

func (t KeyTable) RegisterParamSet(ps ParamSet) KeyTable

Register multiple pairs from ParamSet

func (KeyTable) RegisterType

func (t KeyTable) RegisterType(key []byte, ty interface{}) KeyTable

Register single key-type pair

type ParamSet

type ParamSet interface {
	ParamSetPairs() ParamSetPairs

Interface for structs containing parameters for a module

type ParamSetPair

type ParamSetPair struct {
	Key   []byte
	Value interface{}

Used for associating paramsubspace key and field of param structs

type ParamSetPairs

type ParamSetPairs []ParamSetPair

Slice of KeyFieldPair

type ReadOnlySubspace

type ReadOnlySubspace struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Wrapper of Subspace, provides immutable functions only

func (ReadOnlySubspace) Get

func (ros ReadOnlySubspace) Get(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte, ptr interface{})

Exposes Get

func (ReadOnlySubspace) GetRaw

func (ros ReadOnlySubspace) GetRaw(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) []byte

Exposes GetRaw

func (ReadOnlySubspace) Has

func (ros ReadOnlySubspace) Has(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) bool

Exposes Has

func (ReadOnlySubspace) Modified

func (ros ReadOnlySubspace) Modified(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) bool

Exposes Modified

func (ReadOnlySubspace) Name

func (ros ReadOnlySubspace) Name() string

Exposes Space

type Subspace

type Subspace struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Individual parameter store for each keeper Transient store persists for a block, so we use it for recording whether the parameter has been changed or not

func DefaultTestComponents

func DefaultTestComponents(t *testing.T) (sdk.Context, Subspace, func() sdk.CommitID)

Returns components for testing

func NewSubspace

func NewSubspace(cdc *codec.Codec, key sdk.StoreKey, tkey sdk.StoreKey, name string) (res Subspace)

NewSubspace constructs a store with namestore

func (Subspace) Get

func (s Subspace) Get(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte, ptr interface{})

Get parameter from store

func (Subspace) GetIfExists

func (s Subspace) GetIfExists(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte, ptr interface{})

GetIfExists do not modify ptr if the stored parameter is nil

func (Subspace) GetParamSet

func (s Subspace) GetParamSet(ctx sdk.Context, ps ParamSet)

Get to ParamSet

func (Subspace) GetRaw

func (s Subspace) GetRaw(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) []byte

Get raw bytes of parameter from store

func (Subspace) Has

func (s Subspace) Has(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) bool

Check if the parameter is set in the store

func (Subspace) Modified

func (s Subspace) Modified(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte) bool

Returns true if the parameter is set in the block

func (Subspace) Name

func (s Subspace) Name() string

Returns name of Subspace

func (Subspace) Set

func (s Subspace) Set(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte, param interface{})

Set stores the parameter. It returns error if stored parameter has different type from input. It also set to the transient store to record change.

func (Subspace) SetParamSet

func (s Subspace) SetParamSet(ctx sdk.Context, ps ParamSet)

Set from ParamSet

func (Subspace) Update

func (s Subspace) Update(ctx sdk.Context, key []byte, param []byte) error

Update stores raw parameter bytes. It returns error if the stored parameter has a different type from the input. It also sets to the transient store to record change.

func (Subspace) WithKeyTable

func (s Subspace) WithKeyTable(table KeyTable) Subspace

WithKeyTable initializes KeyTable and returns modified Subspace

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