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Published: Apr 7, 2017 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 20 Imported by: 0


A PromQL frontend for OpenTSDB

Currently an early proof-of-concept.

A HTTP proxy that supports a subset of the Prometheus API, accepting PromQL queries and answering them with data pulled from OpenTSDB.



  • Go 1.8
  • OpenTSDB 2.3+ (earlier versions could potentially be supported)

How to use

go install
ADDR=localhost:9080 OPENTSDB_URL=http://localhost:4242 opentsdb-promql-frontend

Next, add a Prometheus datasource to Grafana and use the URL specified by the ADDR environment variable.

You should be able to use PromQL to query your OpenTSDB data.

What should (or might) work

  • You can query your OpenTSDB metrics in Grafana by pointing the Prometheus datasource at this proxy.

  • Aggregations and arithmetric.

Known limitations

  • PromQL has tighter restrictions on how metrics can be named, so if you want to query metrics from OpenTSDB such as, you'll need to query it using {__name__=""}. This restriction is probably solvable.

  • All queries must include a metric name - queries such as {foo="bar"} are not supported.

  • There are no tests yet.

  • Querying for a list of all metric names is not yet implemented.

  • The Prometheus Remote Read API (unreleased at the time of writing) is not yet supported.

  • It's all very experimental - we're using the Prometheus dev-2.0 branch.


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