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Avatar Url Example ====

This example demonstrates how to utilize DiscordGo to change the account avatar using a remote url provided via a commandline flag.


This assumes you already have a working Go environment setup and that DiscordGo is correctly installed on your system. Change directory into the example.

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/bwmarrin/discordgo/examples/avatar/url
go build


Please place the file you wish to use as an avatar inside the directory named as avatar.jpg. The filename is not important if you supply it via the commandline flag -l when starting the application. If the flag is not specified avatar is set to DiscordGo Logo.

./url --help
Usage of ./url:
  -e string
        Account Email
  -p string
        Account Password
  -t string
        Account Token
  -l string
  		Link to the avatar image.

For example to start application with Token and a non-default avatar:

./url -t "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN" -l "http://bwmarrin.github.io/discordgo/img/discordgo.png"


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