Package mhttp extends the standard package with extra functionality which is commonly useful



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    func AddXForwardedFor

    func AddXForwardedFor(r *http.Request, ipStr string)

      AddXForwardedFor populates the X-Forwarded-For header on the Request to convey that the request is being proxied for IP.

      If the IP is invalid, loopback, or otherwise part of a reserved range, this does nothing.

      func ReverseProxy

      func ReverseProxy(u *url.URL) *httputil.ReverseProxy

        ReverseProxy returns an httputil.ReverseProxy which will send requests to the given URL and copy their responses back without modification.

        Only the Scheme and Host of the given URL are used.

        Any http.ResponseWriters passed into the ServeHTTP call of the returned instance should not be modified afterwards.


        type Server

        type Server struct {
        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

          Server is returned by WithListeningServer and simply wraps an *http.Server.

          func InstListeningServer

          func InstListeningServer(cmp *mcmp.Component, h http.Handler) *Server

            InstListeningServer returns a *Server which will be initialized and have ListenAndServe called on it (asynchronously) when the Init event is triggered on the Component. The Server will have Shutdown called on it when the Shutdown event is triggered on the Component.

            This function automatically handles setting up configuration parameters via mcfg. The default listen address is ":0".

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