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Package ping tries to ping a HTTP server through different ways Connection, Session (Head), Get and Post



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func Normalize

func Normalize(URL string) string

Normalize fixes scheme


type Ping

type Ping struct {
	TLSSkipVerify bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Ping represents HTTP ping request

func NewPing

func NewPing(args string, cfg cli.Config) (*Ping, error)

NewPing validate and constructs request object

func (*Ping) Ping added in v0.2.3

func (p *Ping) Ping() (Result, error)

Ping tries to ping a web server through http

func (*Ping) Run

func (p *Ping) Run()

Run tries to ping w/ pretty print

type Result

type Result struct {
	StatusCode int
	TotalTime  float64
	Size       int
	Proto      string
	Server     string
	Status     string
	Trace      Trace

Result holds Ping result

func (Result) PrintPingResult added in v0.2.5

func (r Result) PrintPingResult(p *Ping, seq int, err error)

PrintPingResult prints result from each individual ping

type Trace added in v0.2.5

type Trace struct {
	ConnectionTime  float64
	TimeToFirstByte float64

Trace holds trace results

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