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The firewall-controller-manager aka FCM is a collection of controllers which are responsible for managing the lifecycle of metal-stack firewalls in a bare-metal kubernetes cluster. It is roughly inspired by the design of Gardener's Machine Controller Manager and Kubernetes' built-in resources Deployment, ReplicaSet and Pod.


Custom ResourceObject Description
FirewallDeployment A FirewallDeployment contains the spec template of a Firewall resource similar to a Deployment and implements update strategies like rolling update.
FirewallSet A FirewallSet is similar to ReplicaSet. It is typically owned by a FirewallDeployment and attempts to run the defined replica amount of the Firewall(s)
Firewall A Firewall is similar to a Pod and has a 1:1 relationship to a firewall in the metal-stack api.
FirewallMonitor Deployed into the cluster of the user (shoot cluster), which is useful for monitoring the firewall or user-triggered actions on the firewall.

If significant changes were made to the FirewallDeployment – like changing the OS image, machine size or firewall networks – then a new FirewallSet is created and the existing Firewall will be eventually replaced.

The way how a Firewall is replaced can be defined with the FirewallUpdateStrategy.


There are three controllers implemented with the following responsibilities.


Reconciles the FirewallDeployment which was created and manages the lifecycle of a FirewallSet. It creates a ServiceAccount Token for the firewall to be able to talk to the kubernetes-api server. The template spec is validated and if changes were made, it decides if a new FirewallSet must be created or if the existing one just needs to be updated. The resource status shows the overall status.


Creates and deletes Firewall objects according to the spec according to the given number of firewall replicas. It also checks the status of the Firewall and report that in the own status.


Create and delete the physical firewall machine from the spec at the metal-api.

Rolling a FirewallSet through FirewallMonitor Annotation

A user can initiate rolling the latest firewall set by annotating a monitor in the following way:

$ kubectl annotate fwmon <firewall-name>


Firewall Controller Manager must be deployed into the Shoot Namespace in a Seed Cluster if this is a Gardener Managed environment. So the Gardener Extension Provider Metal have to create a appropriate Deployment.


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